Vadavalli, A Promising Residential Locality In Coimbatore

Vadavalli, A Promising Residential Locality In Coimbatore

Vadavalli, A Promising Residential Locality In Coimbatore
The Coimbatore International Airport is 19 kilometres away from Vadavalli. (Wikimedia)

India's real estate market is growing beyond the top cities of the country. And this is widely visible in places like Coimbatore. A city that has flourished as a textile hub since the 19th century, Coimbatore has come a long way over the years. From a small town to a city housing a number of tall buildings, both commercial and residential, Coimbatore has grown immensely. What's more? Coimbatore is also one of the 20 cities that are to be developed under the Centre's Smart Cities Mission in its first phase.

Situated on the foothills of the Nilgiris, the city, the second-largest in the state of Tamil Nadu, has a pleasant weather all the year around. Often referred to as the Manchester of India for its thriving cotton production and textile industry, the city is fast-emerging as a favourite destination for home buyers.

Vadavalli is one of the localities that have emerged as the most favoured destinations for real estate investments. This area, which once housed farmers and agriculture communities, is now a hotspot for residential spaces, especially since in 2007, when it was included in the limits of the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation.

MakaanIQ takes a look at what makes Vadavalli a promising Coimbatore locality where real estate is worth your money.


Apart from excellent opportunities in real estate, Vadavalli offers scenic views and a pleasant climate. The average temperature in this area is 26.3 degrees Celsius. Some important temples like Perur Temple and Maruthamalai are also located here.

Real estate trends in Vadavalli

Vadavalli has witnessed a surge in the number of real estate projects. While the locality already has 26 completed projects, nearly 13 projects are under construction.

Average price and plot area

The average price of residential real estate in Vadavalli is a little short of Rs 4,000 per sq ft, while super built-up area of property here ranges from 375 sq ft to 4,370 sq ft.

Price trends

Real estate prices in Vadavalli in the past four years have dropped by 9.4 per cent, opening a window of opportunity for investors. With prices at a low at present, the locality presents can upside for investments. Now may be the time to invest here and get great returns in the future.

Locational advantages

  • Connectivity: The locality lies close to the key transportation hubs. Coimbatore International Airport is 19 kilometres away, and Gandhipuram Bus Stand is 14 kilometres from here. And, Coimbatore Railway Junction is 9 kilometres from the locality.
  • Health care: Vadavalli has various health care centres, including Sree Lavanya Hospital, Akilesh Orthopaedics Hospital and Baalajee Hospital
  • Educational institutions: Reputed schools here include Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, The New School and The Adhayayana International Public School
Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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