Tamil Nadu Uses Reinforced Thermocol To Construct Cheaper Homes

Tamil Nadu Uses Reinforced Thermocol To Construct Cheaper Homes

Tamil Nadu Uses Reinforced Thermocol To Construct Cheaper Homes

At a time when the demand for homes and the price both are rising at a fast pace, home ownership has become a far-fetched dream for many. The use of building material that can be recycled, save construction time and are cost-effective is the need of the hour.

Keeping in mind all these factors the Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corporation (TNPHC) has recently constructed a home using reinforced thermocol. Using this building material, the corporation has been able to construct a modular home in less than 40 days.

Aimed at promoting the use of recycled building material, the house is the state government’s first modular panel structure that uses no bricks. Not using the conventional building material has helped the housing corporation to build this home under Rs 15 lakh, 30 per cent less than the cost of construction of a similar conventional house. Also, when compared to a wall of conventional building which are 250 mm thick, 125mm-130mm-thick modular walls give more carpet area to the users.

To construct this house, each modular panel in this house was manufactured at an offsite facility and then brought to the location to be assembled. Once the panels are set, these are covered in concrete to make them sturdy, flame retardant and earthquake-resistant.

According toReddy Udaybaskar of Beardsell Limited which has taken up similar projects for Karnataka, IIT-Jammu and the Indian Railways, the load in modular structures is evenly distributed and are 25 per cent lighter than a conventional home. This brings down the need to have columns and beams across the house, if the house only has a ground floor. Also, as thermocol is an insulator it keeps the house cool during summers and warm during winters.

The idea of constructing this house came up during early 2017, a time when there was a shortage of sand, a prime building material. The construction that began in February 2017 was completed in April same year. 

Last Updated: Mon Oct 22 2018

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