SDMC Becomes First Civic Body To Tap Solar Energy

SDMC Becomes First Civic Body To Tap Solar Energy

SDMC Becomes First Civic Body To Tap Solar Energy

At a time when the government is pushing for alternative sources of energy and mandatory installation of solar panels over a government building, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has already bagged laurels. The authority has become the first civic body in India to generate solar power energy and earn Rs 9.69 lakh in three months by exporting surplus power to a power distribution company.

In numbers

According to the officials, around 2500 kilowatt (kw) power is being generated by solar panels, installed over 55 buildings and 54 schools and a community centre of the civic body. According to the data presented by the SDMC, around 3.14 lakh units have been generated by the solar panel. While 1.14 lakh units were internally consumed, the rest have been fed back to the grid. The total cost of the project was Rs 12 crore out of which 55 buildings will recover the cost in the next five years. The civic body is also planning to install solar panels on 111 buildings by June 2018 and over 400 buildings by June 2019.

India third largest solar power generator

According to a report released by Mercom Communications, India is at the third position and was among the largest solar markets in the world in 2017. In 2016 4.3 gigawatt (gw) was installed while in 2017 it got doubled to 9.6 GW. As of 2017-end, large-scale solar project development accounted for 92 per cent. In addition to this, the government is ready with tenders for an addition of 20 GW solar power, with the successful bidder mandated to have a production facility to manufacture nearly half the equipment requirement.

Moreover, after Delhi and Punjab, Haryana government is going to make it mandatory for all public buildings, like schools, health centers, offices to have rooftop solar panels as part of a state-wide project that will be first implemented in Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Last Updated: Tue May 29 2018

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