Property On A Storm Water Drain? BBMP, IIM-B Come To Your Rescue

Property On A Storm Water Drain? BBMP, IIM-B Come To Your Rescue

Property On A Storm Water Drain? BBMP, IIM-B Come To Your Rescue

A few months back, the Karnataka government initiated a demolition drive targeting all the unauthorised properties in Bengaluru that were built on storm water drains. However, this drive caught many residents unaware as several properties in the city were sold to innocent buyers by showing forged property papers. The whole episode highlighted the nexus between civic body officials and the builders who have together misguided innocent buyers. The prospective buyers lamented that there was no possible way to check if a particular property was built on a storm water drain.

To tackle the issue, the civic body decided to make all the records of Bengaluru real estate regarding encroachment of storm water drains public. A website www.rajakaluve.org was recently launched in January to help the public know if their home or workplace has come up on an encroached storm water drain (SWD). The website has been developed by The Real Estate Research initiative of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB-RERI) with the support of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Prospective buyers and investors of properties in Bengaluru can now easily check their property details online. All that one has to do is to enter the correct details like Taluk, Hobli and Village from the drop down menu and the website will automatically tell the user if the property is built on a storm water drain or not. Apart from this, the website also gives an idea of possible notification from BBMP in the future; this indication is based on documents that have been collected from various land records. On the website, the users can access the list of all the affected survey numbers with links to relevant documents. The site also uses colours to identify encroaching properties. A red color indicates that the property is on a Rajakaluve and is notified as encroaching, an orange highlights that the property is on a Rajakaluve but it is not yet notified as encroaching, grey colour signifies that the property is near Rajakaluve but the status is unclear whereas a green color indicates that property is listed as Non-Encroaching.

With the launch of the website, the homeowners and prospective buyers now have a tool to check the location of rajakaluves and how it affects their properties. The civic authorities claim to have successfully tackled the fear and uncertainty that lurks among the owners and prospective buyers in Bengaluru. With the launch of the website, the civic administration is hoping to bring in more transparency into the system.

Last Updated: Thu Apr 06 2017

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