Noida My Be Power Outage-Free By Next year

Noida My Be Power Outage-Free By Next year

Noida My Be Power Outage-Free By Next year

It was in 1993 when Noida was declared a no-power-cut zone. Two-and-a-half decade later, those living in the city end up witnessing regular power outages that may run as long as eight hours. As a result of this, those who own individual homes end up shelling out Rs 5,000-6,000 every month during peak summer months to arrange for power back-up. Those living in Noida’s highrises also have to pay Rs 100 per kilo-volt-ampere (kVa) for availing of power back-up facilities.

Power woes

In case you wondered there were supply-side issues, the power supplier of the city would tell you otherwise. According to Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited (PVVNL), snags, not supply issues, are the reason behind Noida's power cuts, a problem the distributors now plans to solve by next year through infrastructure upgrade. Neighbouring Ghaziabad would also benefit from this infra upgrade, and become a no-power-cut zone by 2019, say officials.

Now, how would the authorities ensure there were no power cuts in the two cities which have been chosen by millions of people to live because of their affordability as housing hubs? The answer is, all the wires are going underground now, something that would limit the scope of power cuts to almost nil.

“All lines will be underground by 2019. An additional cable is being thrown along with the under-ground cable line so that power could be supplied through it in case a fault occurs in the original cable,” PVVNL managing Director Ashutosh Niranjan was quoted in a report by The Times of India.

Apart from that new sub-stations and transformers will also be set up to provide round-the clock power supply. Additionally, dedicated police stations to tame power thefts would also be set up across the city—currently there is only one such station in Noida. These police stations would also have a vigilant team in place that would closely watch any attempts of power theft.

To make sure that flat owners are not punished for developers’ failure to pay bills on time, PVVNL is also making plans to send individual bills.

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Last Updated: Tue May 15 2018

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