Noida Farmers To Get Residential Plots Close To Homes As Part of Compensation

Noida Farmers To Get Residential Plots Close To Homes As Part of Compensation

Noida Farmers To Get Residential Plots Close To Homes As Part of Compensation

Farmers whose land has been acquired by the Noida authority for various development projects in the past would now be provided residential plots close to their villages. The Noida Authority has taken the decision amid farmers complaining only “influential” parties were able to get a plot in lucrative sectors.

The authority has acquired land across 56 villages of the city starting from 1979 for various development projects. Since villagers were unhappy with the compensation, the Noida Authority decided to award semi-developed residential plots to villagers apart from the compensation in 1998. Farmers whose land was acquired between 1997 and 2009 are eligible to get residential plots under the scheme. These plots, however, are only five per cent developed.

Earlier, plots were randomly picked and allotted to villagers with no consideration about their current location. This, farmers allege, led to officials favouring the “influential”.

Under the new policy, the authority has set aside 265 plots to be allotted to farmers. These are spread across eight villages of Barola, Badoli Bangar, Bandoli Khadar, Kondli, Sorkha and Yakubpur.

“While earmarking the plots, we have kept in mind the fact that a residential plot is provided in the same village where we have acquired the land,” Noida Authority Officer on Special Duty RK Singh was quoted in the Hindustan Times as saying.

The difference of opinion on compensation has been a bone of contention between villagers and authorities in the region for long now. In fact, authorities in the region are currently struggling to acquire land for the Jewar airport project.

While the government has offered farmers three times the circle rate for their land, the latter are demanding four times the rate. This has led to the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) saying it might drop the project if the farmers did not agree to hand over their land for acquisition. Farmers are being offered Rs 2,300 to Rs 2,500 per square metre for the agricultural land that is to be acquired for the second airport in the national capital region, along the 165-km Yamuna Expressway.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 21 2018

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