Noida Authority Would Collect Only Dry Waste From June 30

Noida Authority Would Collect Only Dry Waste From June 30

Noida Authority Would Collect Only Dry Waste From June 30

At a time when residents and villagers are gearing up to “physically” stop the dumping of waste at the proposed Sector 123 dumping yard site in Noida, the city administration has announced it would collect only dry waste from residential sectors from June 30. This means residents will be responsible to segregate waste at source.

Residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) have also been told to plant machines to make compost of out segregated waste. It must be noted here that the Noida Authority in 2017 launched the make-compost-from-waste scheme, under which it offered to pay 75 per cent of the cost of the machine required to do the job. So far, only one residents’ welfare association in Noida has started to run the machine.

In the past one year, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has twice asked the Noida authority and the city residents to ensure waste segregation.

“We direct the Noida Authority and all its residential societies to ensure that municipal solid waste is segregated, and then alone it should be lifted from the said site,” an NGT order passed in May this year said.

A letter issued by the authority to RWAs on compliance of the order, however, made little impact.

“We are contemplating not collecting waste from sectors if it is not segregated. This is an attempt to sensitize and make residents comply with the NGT order that waste must be segregated at home,” Noida Authority Additional Chief Executive Officer RK Mishra told Hindustan Times.  Those found dumping unsegregated waste at sites would also be punished to ensure compliance.

Private estimates how Noida generates around 660 metric tonne of solid waste on a daily basis; most of it is dumped on nearby vacant plots in sectors.

The authority’s 10-year-old plan to provide door-to-door garbage collection services that would cost the authority about Rs 370 crore might also take off in a month.

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