Noida Authority Launches Scheme To Offer 259 Residential Plots

Noida Authority Launches Scheme To Offer 259 Residential Plots

Noida Authority Launches Scheme To Offer 259 Residential Plots

The Noida Authority on June 19 announced that it has launched a residential plot scheme to monetise available land parcels. Under the scheme, the authority will put up for sale 259 residential plots in sectors 31, 39, 44, 47, 49, 51, 52, 99, 100, 122 and 93B. This scheme also comprises plots that were part of previous schemes but remained unsold due to legal disputes and encroachments. The online auction will be held from July 19-23. 

These plots, sized between 100 square metre (sqm) to 500 sqm, will be sold through e-bidding in a price range starting from Rs 55,000 per sqm to Rs 1 lakh per sqm. The most expensive plots are located in sector 44 while the lowest rated plots are available in sector 122.

How to participate?

Applicants for the residential plot scheme can register themselves and obtain a user identity number and password from June 17 to July 8. This will make them eligible for the e-bidding process. Once registered, the applicants will able to bid online after logging in using their set password on the website — property.etender.sbi.

The date and time of bidding will be provided to the applicant right after he pays the fee to download the brochure, officials said. The brochure contains the time and date of when e-bidding will take place for a particular plot.

Step-by-step process

1) Visit https://property.etender.sbi/SBI/ 

2) Login through your registered email ID and password set by you during registration process. 

Noida Plot E-Auction Process

3) Click 'Auction' on left hand side and choose 'Search Auction'. You can search auction with auction ID. Once you find the relevant auction, choose, 'Click Here To Bid'.

Noida Plot E-Auction Process

4) Agree to the terms and conditions after checking the details.

Noida Plot E-Auction Process

5) Verify details before start bidding such as time remaining, starting price, increment, next possible bid etc. 

6) Start the bidding from the auction start price or with one increment or multiple of increment. (e.g. 25,00,000, 25,05,000, 25,10,000, more… ). You need to enter Your Amount in 'Rate per sq mtrs in Rs' column. Verify your entered amount in Words and click on 'Bid' Button if your entered amount is ok .Noida Plot E-Auction Process

7) Accepted bid will be shown on screen. If your rank shows 1, you are highest quoted bidder. If your rank is 2, 3 ,4 look at the H1 Bid Amount and enter next possible bid in the “Rate in Rs” column and click on Bid.

Noida Plot E-Auction ProcessNoida Plot E-Auction Process

Last Updated: Thu Jun 27 2019

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