Gurgaon To Snap Water, Sewage Connections Of Property Tax Defaulters

Gurgaon To Snap Water, Sewage Connections Of Property Tax Defaulters

Gurgaon To Snap Water, Sewage Connections Of Property Tax Defaulters

In the wake of mounting property dues that residents owe the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), the civic body has decided that it would snap water and sewage connections of property tax defaulters. Not just this, the expenditure incurred in doing so will have to be borne by these residents.

Reeling under loss

The MCG officials say that including arrears that have only grown in the past 10 years, the total amount due to the corporation amounts to Rs 400 crore. When adjusted after exemptions, this amount comes to Rs 250 crore.

Much of the loss is also on account of the MCG overlooking certain properties that were eligible to pay taxes. For example, over 40 banquet halls owe Rs 9 crore while the MCG served notices to clubhouses within condominiums for the first time. Now, zonal taxation officers are preparing a list of all residential and commercial buildings that owe the MCG. Notices would be slapped post which in case of delay, the authority would sever water and sewage connections. “We have further decided that all the expenses borne in sealing proceedings or otherwise will be billed to the property tax owners concerned,” MCG Commissioner, Yashpal Yadav was quoted as saying.

Going forward, property tax receipts will also carry information about the measures that the MCG would take to recover dues. Starting October, all claims and objections on property tax receipts will also be addressed online only.

Meanwhile, e-auction of properties of defaulters would start in a few months.

In the past

In 2012, the Chennai Corporation Council had passed a resolution seeking government’s approval to disconnect water and power supply to homes and establishments of tax defaulters. Those who failed to pay even after the final deadline of two weeks could only restore the supply after full payment.

Last year, in a bid to recover taxes, the Thane Municipal Corporation too had resorted to a similar route. The corporation’s commissioner had asked the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd (MSEDCL) officials, to disconnect power supply to the property of tax defaulters in the city.

In 2015, the Chennai's corporation is known to have dumped garbage outside a commercial building whose owner owed it Rs 5 lakh. Activists attacked the authorities for its desperate tactics that could lead to outbreak of diseases. This has been one of the unconventional ways that not just Chennai corporation, but Thane corporation is also guilty of resorting to in the past.  

Last Updated: Fri Sep 14 2018

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