Kerala Makes Way For 'Selfie' Homes

Kerala Makes Way For 'Selfie' Homes

Kerala Makes Way For 'Selfie' Homes

After demonetisation, the real estate sector has seen great problems. However, after several initiatives were taken by the government to promote affordable housing, the real estate market is getting back on track. Even developers are trying their best to come up with initiatives that will further boost the real estate demand.

Initiatives by developers 

At a time when demand is not at its peak, developers are coming up with ideas that can attract buyers.  For instance, take the case of Asset Homes, a Kerala-based developer firm that has created a unique plan covering 100 sq ft of self-contained units christened `selfie' apartments. The cost of the units is Rs 10 lakh.

Location of these units

The real estate companies targeted cities such as Kochi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Visakhapatnam. These cities enjoy the attention of leading corporate giants attracting thousands of youth and working professionals to the cities. These selfie units will be highly preferred by the youth as it meets the main dream of the youth to have a home along with the first job. The convenience will help them to cut expenses on commutes from home to workplaces. Moreover, it will give them more time which can be used for their personal life making their lives more complete. Also, these units will outperform in cities such as Pune which is a well-established educational hub as staying in these units would give students ample time to focus nicely on their studies.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 24 2017

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