Karnataka Amends Zonal Regulations For Real Estate Projects Sized Upto 20,000 Sq Mts

Karnataka Amends Zonal Regulations For Real Estate Projects Sized Upto 20,000 Sq Mts

Karnataka Amends Zonal Regulations For Real Estate Projects Sized Upto 20,000 Sq Mts

The Karnataka government has finally amended the zonal regulations of the Revised Master Plan-2015. Under the amendments, the state government has eased the mandatory permits required for building commercial complexes in plots measuring up to 20,000 square meter and exempted select common areas from floor area ratio rules in both, residential and commercial high-rise buildings.

Earlier, the exemption was for plots measuring upto 12,000 square meter and the approvals had to be obtained from the Bengaluru Development Authority which included 16 permits for layout and amenities inside the complex. However, such projects will have to get the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike’s approval for project development.

Changes in FAR norms for high-rises

 The state government has changed the floor area ratio rules for residential as well as commercial buildings. This means that common areas such as electrical substation or panel rooms, generators, pump rooms, AC plants, solid waste management facilities, fire control rooms, security or CCTV rooms have been excluded from the purview of FAR norms.

According to the new norms, the height of the building will be calculated excluding structures above the terrace floor providing services such as solar panels, life machine rooms, overhead tanks and staircase headrooms cover, chimneys, parapet walls and other architectural features. Also, the new norms have allowed covering the internal open space on top, to prevent rainwater from entering the building but the covering cannot be a permanent structure.

Parking norms along the metro corridor

Those buildings that fall within a one-km radius on either side of the metro corridor will have to allocate less parking space in buildings. The amendment specifies that space for one car needs to be provided for a built-up area of 75 sq meter and buildings outside the 1km zone, parking space for a single car needs to be marked for a built-up area of 50 sq meter. This comes in the backdrop of the Transit Oriented Development policy of the Bangalore Metro Railway Corporation Limited, batting for a higher FAR of 5 along the metro corridor, which, when, implemented will leaded to denser development. These changed parking norms are expected to curb the use of private transport among people who have their workplace along the corridor and encourage the use of public transport services.

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 Promoting greenery

According to the amended rules, one tree has to be planted for every 240 sq meter of FAR. This tree should be at least two meters in height before the occupancy certificate is issued. The trees have to be planted along the periphery of the site or the area reserved for parks or open spaces, or along the roads as avenue plantation, excluding the drive way. 

Last Updated: Fri Jun 28 2019

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