Installing Lifts In DDA’s Low-Rises Becomes Easier

Installing Lifts In DDA’s Low-Rises Becomes Easier

Installing Lifts In DDA’s Low-Rises Becomes Easier

Nupur and Niraj Mehdi have for long had a hard time seeking a consensus from their neighbours for a lift. The only occupants living on the third floor of a Delhi Development Authority (DDA) low-rise, the Mehdi’s have ailing parents at home who find it difficult to step out of the house. An application for a lift could not be put forth because only a handful of occupants were keen on it.

“The ground floor occupants fear that a lift may block their view in some way or command a higher rent or resale value owing to the lift. We had been convincing them but to no avail,” says Niraj.

Installing lifts in DDA flats has become easier than before. Now, only a stay order from the court will be the sole reason why the corporation’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) will become inoperative. Previously, such an NOC became void even when someone approached the court against it, delaying lift installments infinitely and causing confusion. Most of these complainants were those who occupied the lower floors and had no incentive to go in for a lift. Going forward, the consent of the ground floor occupants is not required to file an application for the lift, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has clarified.

The decision to retrofit lifts in DDA flats and cooperative group housing societies is cheered by seniors, the disabled, patients and those on the top floors of the old low-rise flats. Consider this, only eight applications for installing lifts were approved in East Delhi even though there are over 75 housing societies herein. This is because it was always difficult to reach a consensus. As of now, DDA confirms that it has received 31 applications in central zone, 14 in south zone and 15 in west zone.

Enabling a smooth process

An NOC can only be issued by the municipal corporation. Before September 2015, the NOC was issued by the DDA only.

Now, to file an application all you need is:

  • List of  50 per cent consenting owners using the common staircase
  • Proof that you are the owner of the flat
  • A certificate by the structural engineer about the safety of the structure
  • An NOC from the fire department
  • Layout plan of your site
  • A processing fee of Rs 5,000
  • A technical feasibility report
Last Updated: Fri Sep 07 2018

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