Hyderabad On Its Way To Become Smart And Swachh

Hyderabad On Its Way To Become Smart And Swachh

Hyderabad On Its Way To Become Smart And Swachh

Hyderabad is one of those cities in India which has seen massive economic development on its own, despite its non-metro tag. From multi-national companies to Fortune 500, Hyderabad has successfully attracted the best of both worlds- the right talent and the acquirers. Now, the city is heading to be India's most technically advanced as well as a clean region of India. While Mercer's Quality of Living Ranking 2017 has again placed Hyderabad at first spot, leaving behind Delhi and Mumbai, here's what Hyderabad is planning to settle with-

 Geo-tagging of homes

 Very soon, each home in Hyderabad will have a digital address of its own. Earlier, the process was initiated where the 14 digit number was provided to each household on the basis of first-come-first serve and not locality wise. This has resulted in irregularities and this is the reason Hyderabad is once again redistributing the digital address. An app will be created for mobile phones to read these addresses and give location and navigation details of that particular household. Though Bengaluru has initiated the process in 1998, Hyderabad will be taking it one step ahead. According to N Narsamma, City Planner, GHMC, these digital addresses will be linked to emergency service providers so that quick help can reach the location at the time of crises. At later stages, this will also be linked for public convenience and commercial purposes.

¬†The entire project is on Design, Build, Operate, Maintain, Transfer basis and the tenders will be floated soon. While several private players are already into digital address system, it is being seen as the new future and doing away with the lengthy address lines. ‚ÄúSince each property will have a unique, verified e-location, it will be easier for civic agencies to keep a tab on the payment of electricity bills, water bills, property tax etc. Navigation becomes easier for e-commerce, logistics and transportation companies. They can save fuel and time.‚ÄĚ says Rohan Verma, Executive Director and CTO, MapmyIndia.

 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiatives gaining ground

 Earlier, Hyderabad was faring badly in Clean India Mission rankings but things have improved since then. Secunderabad, the area which witnessed garbage woes might see better days ahead as Secunderabad Cantonment Board has identified new spots for lifting up the garbage in civilian wards. Usually, these wards use to face sanitation problems but if this plan gets executed, things might improve for Secunderabad civilian areas soon enough.

 Areas like Nandamuri Nagar, Bapuji Nagar, and Netaji Nagar, Anna Nagar, Mudfort, Karkhana, Picket and Laxmi Nagar, Gandhi Nagar and Kakaguda are of the impacted areas. Apart from this, the board has also decided to  impose huge penalties on residents who dump garbage in open plots. The penalty can go up as high as Rs 10,000.

 Making life better and cleaner

 Though the city is witnessing excellent commercial development and has also been listed in best city to live in India since past four years, Hyderabad has failed to keep pace with rising population and pollution level. Sanitation is one of the  problems that  citizens are facing. This is the reason some of the most sought after residential hubs are losing their sheen as buyers are willing to move in a locality with better amenities. Mahboob colony, Saber Nagar colony, Syed Ali Guda and Murad Nagar of Karwan and Nampally are few of these dens where local residents are facing sanitary crises. According to a local citizen, roads were dug up for underground drainage work and are still in a precarious condition. There has been no improvement in the condition so far.

 While the problems are prevalent in various parts of the city, the main city areas are the one which are severely hit because of narrow lanes, aged-construction and encroachments.

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Last Updated: Wed Mar 22 2017

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