Homebuyers In Hyderabad Are Looking For Large, Affordable Homes

Homebuyers In Hyderabad Are Looking For Large, Affordable Homes

Homebuyers In Hyderabad Are Looking For Large, Affordable Homes

The demand for bigger homes is rising among homebuyers in Hyderabad. Given the availability of land in the city, the bigger apartments fall in the affordable category, allowing them to find a bigger home even when budget is a constraint.

Plenty of options

Market experts suggest, in Hyderabad, there are a few takers for 1BHK units. Data available at Makaan.com show while there are close to 4,000 2BHK units, more than 6,500 3BHK units and over 1,000 3+BHK units in Hyderabad listed for sale. On the other hand, only 85 1BHK units available for sale in the city. As for the price tag, depending on the size and location of the 1BHK unit, prices may vary between Rs 9 lakh to Rs 1.50 crore. A 2BHK unit is available in the broad range of Rs 14 lakh to Rs 2.5 crore.

For those whom affordability is a prime factor for selection, Hyderabad has ample options. Over 5,000 properties in the city is in the price range of Rs 15-25 lakh followed by the next popular range with properties within Rs 35 lakh.

Landbank is an important factor that differentiates Hyderabad from other similar metro cities where the price of a high-end home may be just the double.

Rent it cheap

Given the size of the job market in Hyderabad, the rental market is strong and affordable. There are over 2,000 properties listed for rent in the broad price range of Rs 3,500 to Rs 2.5 lakh per month. Prices vary depending on qualitative factors such as the location and size of the unit, brand of the builder and connectivity. 

Landlord’s paradise

Leasing your home in Hyderabad is a profitable deal, show trends. On an average, the rental yield in the city is 4.12 per cent. Rental yield is the amount you can recover in a year as rent. The exact percentage will vary across localities though.

Last Updated: Wed Oct 17 2018

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