Here Is How To Report Illegal Constructions In Delhi

Here Is How To Report Illegal Constructions In Delhi

Here Is How To Report Illegal Constructions In Delhi

There is no need to physically visit any offices and file a complaint in case illegal constructions are popped up close to your property in Delhi. While you could log in on the official website of the city’s development authority, you could now use your mobile phone to do the same.  The Delhi Development Authority’s recently launched app, DDA 311, which became live on July 8. According to media reports, about 1,600 complaints were filed using the app the day following the app going live.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to report an illegal construction that comes to your notice in the city.

Step 1: Download the app DDA 311 on your mobile. The facility is available on Android as well as iOS platforms.


Step 2: Now go to the STF Enforcement Drive Link. Now, you will have to register yourself using your email id or Facebook login. In case you want your identity to remain private, you could generate a unique ID.


Step 3: Now, you click and upload the picture of the property that is constructed illegally on public land. Do note here that your GPS location gets tagged along with the picture when you click and upload it.


Step 4: Select the location where the encroachment has taken place.

Step 5: After providing complaint description, including property details, you could submit the complaint. As soon as your complaint gets registered, you would receive an SMS notifying you about the same.

Step 6: You could track your complaint using your unique ID.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 12 2018

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