Gurgaon Police To Use Mobile App For Passport Verification

Gurgaon Police To Use Mobile App For Passport Verification

Gurgaon Police To Use Mobile App For Passport Verification

Following the examples of Mumbai, Bengaluru and other cities where the passport-verification process has been simplified, the Gurgaon Police have adopted an online system to expedite the process. The 'M-passport' initiative is aimed at reducing the time taken for the police verification, which is an important step in the issuance of passports, from the usual two weeks to just two days.

The Gurgaon Police Department will provide over 50 mobile tablets to its officials. Using a mobile application, they can easily upload the documents and share the applicant’s data with the headquarters and the passport office, after conducting a physical verification. The headquarters will receive and maintain the individual data and send to the passport office for further process.

The officials will also be given a password and a digital operating manual to execute this exercise - a first-of-its-kind for the department. Moreover, the app will help track any mismatch in the data shared by the applicant followed by reasons of non-eligibility. Once the new system is implemented, the verification process will be completed within two days or a maximum of five days. To prevent any glitches, the police personnel will also be given the training to accustom them with the digital format.

Facts to know

On the lines of its ‘Digital India’ programme, the Indian government has undertaken initiatives under the Passport Seva Project for speedy issuance of passports, the demand for which is growing at 10 per cent every year. In 2016, the ministry announced that normal passport applications of all first-time applicants will be processed on Post-Police Verification basis. The objective of the government is to replace the physical police verification process with the new online system.

The M-Passport Police Application was launched for faster submission of the Police Verification Report (PVR). The app has enabled a paperless work for the officials by eliminating the need to download and print the physical Personal Particulars Form and questionnaire.

Who will benefit?

The city police receive around 800 application forms per day from the regional passport authority via post. These forms are returned to the HQ of deputy commissioner of police (DCP) after the verification, again through post. Thus, the entire procedure takes a little over a week (a minimum of seven or eight days) for completion.

The digital system will not only ensure quicker issuance of passports but also enable the department to track the applications and their status effectively. Physical transfer of papers which is the reason for the prolonged process will be done away with. The initiative will also greatly benefit the citizens, especially women or senior citizens, who are now less likely to stand in long queues or take multiple visits to the nearest police station to complete the procedures.

Last Updated: Wed Jun 13 2018

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