Ghaziabad Hi-Tech Township Project May Be Scrapped

Ghaziabad Hi-Tech Township Project May Be Scrapped

Ghaziabad Hi-Tech Township Project May Be Scrapped

A move which might bring relief to land owners, the Uttar Pradesh government might de-notify the 8,686-acre land in Ghaziabad it had set aside for development of a hi-tech city in 2009-10. Land from across 18 villages along the National Highway-24 was notified under Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

Keeping in mind the rising demand for housing, especially among the high-salaried class, the then Mulayam Sigh Yadav-led state government launched a scheme under which it planned to develop hi-tech city projects in various parts of UP in participation with private players in November 2003. The policy envisaged the development of hi-tech townships in and around metropolitan cities and other cities having high growth potential. Two such projects were planned for the National Capital Region. Under the policy, private developers had to build environmentally sustainable townships of global standards in an area of 1,500 acre and with a minimum Rs 500-crore budget within a period of five years. Through a single-window clearance system, the state planned to approve such projects within 30 days of project report submission.

Since the two builders who won the bid to develop the project in Ghaziabad have acquired only half of the notified land so far even after eight years, the government might scrap the project, which would have otherwise enriched the city with two lakh hi-tech residential units. The two developers have together acquired only 3,891 acre for the project so far and accuse farmers of creating hurdle in completion of the task.

The state government has asked the Ghaziabad Development Authority to provide a detailed report on the matter, following which a final decision would be taken on the fate of the delayed project.

However, the move would come as a major breather for the farmers whose land was notified for the township project. After the land is de-notified, they would be able to sell their land freely.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 17 2018

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