Get Ready To Pay More For Water In Noida

Get Ready To Pay More For Water In Noida

Get Ready To Pay More For Water In Noida

If you live in Noida, the national capital region’s common hub of information technology and affordable housing, get ready to pay more for water. The Noida Authority recently hiked water tariff by up to 25 per cent. It was in July 2013 when the authority had last increased water tariffs. At that time, the increase was by up to 75 per cent. Before that, rates of water supply were raised in 2003.

Now, while the charges have been increased by up to 10 per cent for low-income group flats and 80 villages, rates have been increased by up to 25 per cent for residential, industrial, institutional and commercial categories.  

At present, water tariff is Rs 175 a month for units that fall in the middle-income group. For high-income group category, the rates are Rs 210 a month. For consumers living in a duplex home, the monthly water charge is Rs 260. The hiked rates come into effect from April 1, that is, bills generated from that date would reflect the hiked rates.

Why was the tariff hiked?

The increase in water tariff has been implemented to increase revenue in order to meet the expense the Noida Authority incurs to supply water to the city, which will have a population of 21 lakh by 2021. In fact, the authority has hired global consultant Ernst & Young to suggest the percentage by which it should hike water tariff to generate more revenue. The agency has yet to give its report to the authority in this regard.

While officials of the Noida Authority are of the opinion that the increase in tariff is negligible, residents beg to differ. Since the quality of water is poor, the hike in tariff is unjustified, says residents, who are reportedly planning to protest the move.  

“There is no way you can drink the water that is supplied by the Noida Authority. The hard water also damages the water purifier far quicker than you would expect. Worse still, using this water for other purposes is no good either. You have to use water softener to use it for washing clothes or bath to make sure no damages are caused,” says Preeti Singh, a resident of Sector 74.

While the Noida Authority meets 56 per cent of the total water demand by supplying from the Ganga, 44 per cent of the demand is met using groundwater.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 09 2018

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