Get Ready For A Smooth Ride In Noida As Authority Plans Road Resurfacing Drive

Get Ready For A Smooth Ride In Noida As Authority Plans Road Resurfacing Drive

Get Ready For A Smooth Ride In Noida As Authority Plans Road Resurfacing Drive

Many Noida residents had been unhappy with the laid-back attitude shown by the authorities in revamping damaged roads of the town. Causing huge traffic jams and breaking down of vehicles, Noida roads are known for all the wrong reasons. However, the things will soon change for better as the Noida Authority is set to launch a drive to resurface damaged roads in a week’s time. The authority is presently awarding contracts worth Rs 300 crore for the road resurfacing work which is likely to begin in a few days.

Noida roads to be revamped

The task of road resurfacing, to be undertaken by private contractors, was to begin by the end of March 2018, however, was delayed. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's ambitious plan encountered many hurdles such as delays in accessing raw materials and prolonged e-tendering procedures.

Under this drive, all the roads which were resurfaced four years ago but have now developed potholes, will be covered. Noida’s roads spanning 300 kilometre will be covered in this drive. This will also include arterial corridors which experience high traffic and the internal roads in the residential and industrial pockets of the town.

While repair work on potholes will continue, the resurfacing will only be done on the roads which have not been maintained in the last four years, according to a senior official.

Some facts on Noida

*Noida has a total road length spanning 800 km while the authority spends around Rs 1 crore per km on resurfacing them.

*The dilapidated condition of interior roads of sectors 63, 62 and 67 have been a cause of worry for commuters and their repair needs to be prioritised. Despite repeated requests from irked citizens, no action had been taken and motorists have been risking their lives on these accident-prone stretches.

*The Noida Authority had initially set a deadline of June 2017 for this project, which was later extended.

*The Aligarh-Noida Road is fraught with potholes and anxious motorists navigating through it dangerously. The monsoon season makes matters worse.

*The cities of Aligarh and Noida are linked by the eight-lane Yamuna Expressway and the Kehar-Jawar Road is the stretch which is the most difficult to cover owing to the absence of street lights, retroreflector guide signs and dividers.

*In October 2017, the Noida Authority announced its budget of Rs 651 crore on repair of roads, maintenance of drains, construction of community centres and installing streetlights. The authority chairman and CEO Alok Tandon said that 133 works for resurfacing and road- repairs will be done across 82 sectors while roads aged four years or older will be repaired at a cost of Rs 308 crore.

Last Updated: Thu Apr 12 2018

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