GDA Demolition Drive Frees 25 Acres Land Along Hindon

GDA Demolition Drive Frees 25 Acres Land Along Hindon

GDA Demolition Drive Frees 25 Acres Land Along Hindon

Acting on the complaint made by the Federation of Apartment Owners Association, officials of the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) paid a visit to the floodplains of river Hindon near the Indirapuram area in early February. Permanent structures have encroached the vast floodplain by those who sell building material. The look of the construction debris notwithstanding, this has been a major reason of air pollution in the city. It is worth mentioning here that in Ghaziabad air pollution levels have gone up at a record high.

According to a recent report by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Ghaziabad is the dirtiest in a list of 24 cities where an air quality check was conducted in February ─ the PM10 level is nearly four times the permissible limit. 

Following the visit, notices were issued to several store house and stone-crushing unit owners, who have in the past decade illegally occupied the land, to make way.  No action was taken to follow the order.

This led to the GDA going for a major demolition drive in the area, as a result of which 25 acres of land along the floodplain has been freed. Additionally, the GDA also took down an illegally built park and a farm house.  While most of this land belongs to farmers, parts of it are government property. The total value of the land, say official, could be between Rs 70-75 crore.

Residential complexes have also cropped up in the area over the past decade which could be the next target of the GDA.

“The land on which these construction activities had been going on is designated as floodplains in the GDA Master Plan 2021. No construction activity is permitted in this area. Channels from these units through which municipal waste was being drained into the river thereby polluting it was also blocked,” GDA Executive Engineer RP Singh was quoted by The Times of India as saying.

The occupants have been given a week’s time to move their belongings now.

Last Updated: Thu Apr 12 2018

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