Faster Clearances For Online-Filed Building Plans

Faster Clearances For Online-Filed Building Plans

Faster Clearances For Online-Filed Building Plans

Thanks to digitalisation, the overall process of building plan approval system is done online nowadays. The online system of approving the building plans ensures more transparency and faster completion of the procedures. Obtaining approval from concerned authorities before constructing a building on a land is a mandatory procedure every builder must comply with. Municipal corporations in many cities across the country have successfully implemented the Online Building Plan Approval and Management System.

What is a building plan?

A building plan or a house plan is a blueprint or a graphical representation of a building and includes details such as Floor Space Index (FSI), dimensions, structural layouts, elevations and other engineering details.

Latest on the approval process of building plans in India

The government, in a recent move, has said that building plans which are submitted online would now receive sanctions from the concerned authorities within two weeks. In case the plan is not approved by the specified timeline, then the same will be sanctioned automatically 30 days after the submission of the documents. To ensure smooth implementation of the decision, obtaining no-objection certificates (NOCs) will be taken care of by the system and will free the applicant of unnecessary hassles.

As per the revised building bye-laws, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) successfully launched the Online Building Plan Approval and Management System (OBPAMS) early this year. The process will facilitate submission of forms, issuance of license and get clearances of site plans. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) also decided to introduce single window approval system, around the same time.

The cumbersome process of seeking approvals for building construction has been one of the major factors that have made homebuyers go for already constructed houses or apartments. This much-needed initiative by the government will now help developers acquire building permits, NOCs and completion-cum-occupancy certificate without any worry.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 12 2017

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