Faridabad May Soon Gets Its Own Development Authority

Faridabad May Soon Gets Its Own Development Authority

Faridabad May Soon Gets Its Own Development Authority

Faridabad is soon going to get a metropolitan development authority of its own. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has recently announced constituting Faridabad authority on the lines of the Gurugram Metro Development Authority. But will this change the face of Faridabad's infrastructure? Faridabad, being the second largest city in Haryana, is lagging behind in terms of real estate, amenities and economic opportunities.

Here’s how the city can witness change with the formation of another authority which will have a lot in its plate:

An authority has following people as members- Chief Minister of the state, Minister Incharge of Town and Country Planning, Minister Incharge Urban Local Bodies, Minister Incharge Transport, Members of Parliament representing the parliamentary constituency falling within the notified area, Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Commissioner of Police, experts in the field of finance, urban forestry, environment, town planning etc. The authority is headed by the Chief Executive Office, appointed by the state CM.  A metropolitan development authority basically operates in following cores-

  • Urban planning
  • Traffic management
  • Ease of doing business
  • Industrial development
  • Social, cultural and sports
  • Urban environment
  • Geospatial- Land acquisition

 Other duties of any metropolitan development authority are-

  • Ordering removal of unauthorised development in the notified area or obstructions and encroachments on roads, open spaces, green spaces, footpath or properties vesting under the control of the authority.
  • Prepare and implement plans, projects, schemes for infrastructure development of urban amenities, economic and industrial development in the notified areas.
  • Co-ordinate the regulation of the mobility management plan in the notified area
  • Establish, operation and maintain the public safety, emergency response system etc
  • Assisting local authorities through capacity building
  • Undertaking studies, research and analysis on urban planning, urban regeneration and renewal
  • Recommending state government to acquire land for various purposes
  • Purchase, exchange, transfer, hold, lease, manage and dispose land
  • Laying infrastructure development work under, over, along, across or upon any road or public street or any property vested in or under the control or management of the Authority.
Last Updated: Tue Sep 18 2018

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