Ease Of Living: Gurgaon To Launch Single Portal Connecting Key Depts

Ease Of Living: Gurgaon To Launch Single Portal Connecting Key Depts

Ease Of Living: Gurgaon To Launch Single Portal Connecting Key Depts

In matter of a couple of weeks, just a click of the mouse will land you at a one-stop shop to get all the updates on Gurgaon — from traffic condition to various utilities. With the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority’s launch of OneMapGurugram, a digital platform where residents of the Millennium City can access all the useful information through only a click, Gurgaon will get an all-encompassing portal.

On OneMapGurugram, citizens can access information related to infrastructure, land and property, power, local governance, health and roads.

Departments that would feed data to this platform include the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, the Town and Country Planning Department, the Public Works Department, the revenue department, the Haryana State Industrial Development Authority, the Haryana Urban Development Authority, the Public Health Department and the HARSAC. 

Based on Geographic-Information System (GIS) and developed on the lines of OneMapSingapore, the portal could be used in two ways. The residents will be able to share valuable information. Using this information, authorities will take effective measure to provide them ease of living.  

In case you have a complaint owing to illegal garbage dumping in your area, for instance, you could simply log on and file a complaint on the portal. The municipal body of the city will automatically get an alert about this and would act accordingly. In the meantime, you could keep tracking the status of your complaint. At the same time, you could access the portal and find out what is the traffic condition at the particular road you are about to travel that day.

“The HUDA, the MCG or any other department can mine all relevant information and data from the portal that pertains to their domain and work. At present, multiplicity of departments is biggest hurdle to development,” GMDA GIS Division Head Sultan Singh was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

Last Updated: Tue Mar 27 2018

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