Ease Of Living: Gurgaon Is Doing This Right

Ease Of Living: Gurgaon Is Doing This Right

Ease Of Living: Gurgaon Is Doing This Right

Those who live in Gurgaon, their complaints with the city of their residence notwithstanding, find it hard to believe that Gurgaon got the worst ranking among the national capital region cities in the government’s recently released ease of living index. Gurgaon, which is often touted by some as a city of global standards and is marvelled at because of its uber-luxury real estate, was ranked 88th in the list of 111 cities.

Unfortunately, all NCR cities, the national capital included, performed poorly at the index. Gurgaon’s affordable peers, speaking strictly real estate-wise, Ghaziabad and Faridabad were ranked 46 and 72, respectively. Delhi was ranked 65th in the list.

However, for those who are more interested in looking at the glass half full rather than seeing it as half empty, the Millennium City did score well in at least one category. (A city’s performance at the index was based on four pillars, which were divided in 15 categories.)

In reducing pollution, Gurgaon has been ranked seventh, with a score of 4 out of five. Top scorer in this category is Ludhiana with a score of 4.42.

Considering we are speaking of a city that is the hub of intense commercial activity year and where public and private hands are in an insane hurry to complete projects, and where taming pollution levels is nothing but a gargantuan task, the city’s efforts to reduce pollution must be appreciated. In a list of world's most polluted cities prepared by the World Health Organization, Gurgaon was ranked 11th. Air pollution level in the city has deteriorated to such a level in mid-June that the city administration had to halt all construction activity for two days.  Similar action was ordered in the past, too, to tame rising pollution levels. To be fair, battling rising pollution levels and to score well here would have been no easy job for Gurgaon.

Gurgaon has also left behind Ghaziabad in the open public space category. While Gurgaon is ranked 51st in this category, Ghaziabad is following it at the 56th spot.

Gurgaon registered its worth scores on health, mixed land use & compactness, power supply and identity & culture categories.

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