Documents Required For Getting A Green Signal From MCD

Documents Required For Getting A Green Signal From MCD

Documents Required For Getting A Green Signal From MCD

Building is all about planning each detail to perfection and having it approved from the authorities concerned. The most brilliant of your building plans might remain on papers, if you do not have the necessary approvals for making them a reality. While civic authorities across India have strict rules on approving building plans, these rules are stricter in national capital Delhi. Non-sanctioned buildings are liable for demolition under section 343 and 344 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act and a developer can face prosecution under Section 345A and 466A of the Act.

Among several authorities whose go ahead a developer needs before he can start the construction work is an approval from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

A look at the list of documents a developer have to submit to the MCD for getting an approval for his building plan:

Copy of the plan

A developer has to submit four copies of his building plan to the MCD. However, different agencies ask for different numbers of this document. For instance, while the Delhi Fire Service would ask for six copies of the building plan, the land development office may require as many as nine copies.

Proof of entitlement

A developer has to prove his ownership on the land up on which he plans to do the construct work. The lease deed or the sale deed has to be presented as the proof of ownership. In the absence of the lease deed, a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the competent authority has to be submitted.

Specification of the proposed construction

Two copies of specification of the proposed construction has to be filed in the prescribed form.

Supervision certificate

A supervision certificate, duly signed by a registered engineer or architect, a supervisor and a plumber, has to be submitted in a prescribed format. This should be supported by the registration certificates of experts. A developer must obtain a structural stability certificate from an expert and submit it along with that expert's registration number.


Completion certificate      

It is also mandatory under Section 346 of the DMC Act to obtain a completion certificate when the construction is complete.

Rain water harvesting certificate

If the size of the plot goes beyond 100 square metres, you also have to present a rain water harvesting certificate.

Mulba certificate

A mulba certificate or a nuisance certificate in the prescribed form needs to be filed.

Affidavits and undertakings to be filed

  • An indemnity bond for proposing the construction of a basement.
  • An affidavit for a no-collaboration agreement.
  • An affidavit for collaboration agreement. 
  • An undertaking declaring no extra units as submitted in the original plan would be constructed. 
  • An affidavit stating that the building materials will not be piled on government land. This is applicable for plots sized more than 418 square metres.

No-dues certificate

You also have to present an NOC issued by the tax department.

Cases where some extra documents are needed:


Documents required

Deviation from the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease deed or ownership document

Clearance from the lessor

Industrial building

Approval from the chief inspector of factories

Hazardous buildings

Approval from chief fire officer, Delhi and chief controller of explosives, Nagpur.

Proposal for addition and alterations

Evidence of existing structures as per previous sanctioned building plan and completion certificate

Industrial, institutional and multi-storeyed buildings



Recommendations of chief fire officer

Group housing schemes and Institutional Buildings if ESS is proposed

NOCs from distribution companies

Plots falling within 300 metres of any protected monument


NOC from the Archaeological Survey of India

Plot falling within Mass Rapid Transit System corridor

NOC from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

 Note: Land owners who are building a house on an area not measuring more than 500 sqft can get their building plans approved at home. the municipality concerned will send architects/engineers to check the documents and give approvals.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 11 2019

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