Delhi May Soon Get App-Based Premium Bus Service

Delhi May Soon Get App-Based Premium Bus Service

Delhi May Soon Get App-Based Premium Bus Service

In a city where the population is growing exponentially and public transportation is not enough to support the demand, the Delhi government is planning to bring in a premium bus service scheme that might change the way office-goers travel thereby lightening the burden on the metro as well as cabs.

The plan is to provide a comfortable ride to commuters by providing a system through which they would be able to reserve seats in the bus using a mobile app, connect to Wi-Fi during the travel and stay safe with the help of CCTV surveillance. All passengers would be seated and the bus would pick and drop the passengers from multiple points rather than fixed spots.

The department is anticipating that the new fleet would supplement the existing public bus service. The aggregator buses that used to ply in the city till last year were banned on account of lack of permits and illegality. According to the transport department, these buses used to run without following the prescribed norms and had state permits that do not allow them to pick and drop passenger from anywhere else other than the dedicated bus-stops. This time, the government is planning to run similar services legally with property permits.

The transport department has fast-tracked the project to launch app-based bus service which will be run by the private operators whereas a government agency will develop a mobile application and will also act as an aggregator.

 Though the plan of premium bus fleet had been in the pipeline for a few years now but had gone into the cold storage due to lack of political will. As of now, the project has been put on fast-track and the transport department is planning a new proposal to address issues that were discussed during a meeting with Delhi Chief Minister in December 2017.

Last Updated: Wed Aug 01 2018

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