Court Stays Construction Work In Noida’s Express Zenith Project

Court Stays Construction Work In Noida’s Express Zenith Project

Court Stays Construction Work In Noida’s Express Zenith Project

Noida being a preferred housing hub has also become infamous for illegal practices by notorious builders. In a recent event, the Allahabad High Court has ordered to stop construction work at Noida Sector 77 project till July 10. The order has come on the basis of an appeal made by one of the homebuyers in the project who has filed the application with the court complaining that the builder has constructed floors, beyond the permitted limit sanctioned by the Noida Authority.

According to the petitioner, the developer, Express Builder has overshot the construction of the tower by five floors. However, the builder has declined the allegations and has said that the original plan for the tower was for 15 floors including the ground and was later altered to 17 floors including the parking basement.

While the project is registered with Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority and has a RERA-ID as well but surprisingly the details about the project on the portal is incomplete. The UP-RERA portal has no information about the number of floors or the sanctioning authority along with other development work that will be done by the builder. Interestingly, even the sub-lease deed does not mention the approved floor in the document.

Similar cases had come to light before the onset of RERA when developers had diverted from the original plan, one of them being Supertech Emerald Court. While the case is under judicial hearing from the past many years, the Supreme Court has recently ordered refund for the homebuyers who have bought the unit in the Apex and Ceyane Tower.

About the project

Express Zenith is being developed by Express Builders at Noida Sector 77. The first phase has been completed while the second phase is currently under-construction. According to UP-RERA portal, the completion date is August 2018.

Last Updated: Wed Jun 06 2018

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