Pilot Land Pooling Project Coming Soon In Chennai Suburbs

Pilot Land Pooling Project Coming Soon In Chennai Suburbs

Pilot Land Pooling Project Coming Soon In Chennai Suburbs

Five years after announcement of land pooling policy in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to test the policy in a pilot land pooling project. The housing and urban development department will be acquiring land near Chennai, between Vandalur and Kundrathur adjoining Outer Ring Road, for a residential project in an effort to get the public to participate voluntarily. Since a special purpose vehicle is yet to be formed for executing the land pooling project, Tamil Nadu Housing Board or Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority will execute the project.

What is Chennai land pooling policy

 Last year, the Tamil Nadu government passed a bill to amend the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971, to facilitate land pooling for housing and other infrastructure projects. The policy has been introduced as an alternative to land acquisition procedures which is often seen as time-consuming and contentious. While the models adopted by Andhra Pradesh and Delhi Development Authority is still being studied for executing land pooling policy, the ratio for the quantum of land to be returned to the landowners after developing the project is yet to be decided.

Under Chennai’s Land Pooling Area Development Scheme, individual owners’ land will be pooled together by transfer of ownership rights to appropriate planning authority. The land pooling area development scheme under section 39A of the Act paves way for consolidating land for development of projects by making land-owners partners in development. After project execution, the unused land will be reclassified as industrial or commercial land and will be returned to the owner and remaining part of such land will be used for establishing common amenities.

Impact of land pooling policy

 While the urban planners are welcoming the move to introduce land pooling policy, they have cautioned against developing satellite town within Chennai metropolitan area. Also, the policy will facilitate easy availability of land for urban planning and creation of urban infrastructure with land owners as partners and not losers, creating a favorable climate for investors and buyers.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 16 2019

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