#EarthDay: BMC To Pick Up Plastic From Your Doorstep

#EarthDay: BMC To Pick Up Plastic From Your Doorstep

#EarthDay: BMC To Pick Up Plastic From Your Doorstep

Indian cities on average generate a whopping 25,940 tonne of plastic waste every day, according to data available with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in 2017. Majority of the plastic consumed and dumped includes plastic bags and water bottles.

Although some cities have banned on use of plastic bags and come up with various schemes to collect and recycle plastic waste, only a few have taken a strong step towards putting an end to the menace.

Mumbai is one of the cities that have made a move.

After the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced its plans to setup plastic collection bins and PET bottle-crushing machines at public places, the civic body now plans to come to your doorstep to collect plastic. The municipal corporation also will make operational a toll-free helpline for plastic pick-up service soon.

The plans are introduced after the Maharashtra government announced a ban on select plastic items. The aim is to collect and dispose accordingly these banned plastic items.

Earlier in 2016, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, on the same lines, had introduced smart dustbins to dump plastic bottles and cans. The NDMC also offered vouchers and coupons in return, every time a citizen dumped plastic in these bins.

Putting things to better use

The Maharashtra government plans to re-lay over 10,000 kilometre of roads across the state would use 50,000 tonne of plastic over the period of five to six years for this project. The Public Works Department has already laid over 1,000 km of road using 5,000 tonne of plastic in 2017-18. If you do the math, this move could help the state save over Rs 20 crore on the entire project, on an average saving of Rs 2 lakh per km. According to the PWD officials, Maharashtra generates over 1,000 tonne of plastic waste every day, and reusing of the 35-year-old leftover would be a mammoth task. And, not just saving money, these roads are going to have an increased life when compared to the regular ones, are resistant to water and can take greater load.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 23 2018

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