BMC Plans To Reclaim Mulund Dumping Ground

BMC Plans To Reclaim Mulund Dumping Ground

BMC Plans To Reclaim Mulund Dumping Ground

In a bid to reclaim 60-acre land at a prime locality, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has inked a deal worth Rs 558 crore to clear the dumping ground in Mulund. This will be India’s largest project aimed to safely capture the methane gas trapped in organic waste at the dump site and use it to generate energy. The plan is to break down the 7,000 million-tonne dump that has accumulated at the site over the decades through biomining.

What is biomining?

Biomining is the process of extracting metals from the ore or mine waste. The technique is widely used for cleaning dumping ground or sites that have been polluted with metals. The micro-organisms are used to segregate organic, recyclable and other types of waste material.

At Mulund, the process will be useful to compost organic waste to generate fuel gas. While the metals will be sifted out through the process, the recyclable material will be taken out separately and will be processed later. The output will be converted into bricks that can be used for construction purpose. The contractor will be allowed to sell the generated energy and other material processed during the procedure. The sale proceeds will be the recovery cost of the money spent on the project, the remaining sum will be paid by the BMC. Currently, the procedure is being used in a small facility at Bengaluru and in countries like USA, Germany and South Korea.

The real estate side

Though the dumping ground in the vicinity has not yet adversely impacted the real estate prospects of the area, BMC’s decision to biomine the waste will free around 60-acre land which will be used for public amenities. This is expected to up the livability quotient of the area. Mulund is considered as the most convenient as well as an affordable location for people working in South Mumbai. The Eastern Express Highway offers signal free commute to the island city. Moreover, the location is a gateway to Thane and Navi Mumbai, making it one of the most preferred destinations to stay for those who travel to either of the suburbs.

Mulund also houses projects of some of the renowned developers. The area has gained a reputation for offering luxury at an affordable price. With metro construction going on in close proximity, the property value has gone up exponentially in the past few years.

The apartments that used to command a price of Rs 6,894 per sq ft in 2008 was valued at Rs 14,059 per sq ft in 2014. However, the real estate slump owing to demonetisation, the introduction of GST and RERA, has hindered the price growth in the past two years. Currently, the property prices here range between Rs 15,000-16,000 per sq ft. Currently, there are 38 ready to move in projects and 5 under-construction projects in the area. The rents are comparable to developed localities of Goregaon. 

Last Updated: Tue Apr 24 2018

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