Haryana Proposes To Increase FAR If Developers Build Approach Roads

Haryana Proposes To Increase FAR If Developers Build Approach Roads

Haryana Proposes To Increase FAR If Developers Build Approach Roads

Haryana's department of town and country planning (DTCP) has decided to increase the floor area ratio (FAR), bringing cheer among developers in Gurgaon. However, to avail of the benefit, developers are required to construct approach roads to the residential societies developed by them.

The need for housing is rising steadily in urban areas which is why there is a necessity for development authorities to consider revision of the floor area ratio (FAR). The FAR refers to the ratio of the total area of a building to the area of the plot upon which it is built. In India, there are laws pertaining to means of access to a building or plot, such as the Easement Rights or the Right of Way. The absence of access roads is a major hindrance for property owners. Here's more about it:

DTCP proposes new scheme

The DTCP is in the process of devising a scheme aimed at providing additional land for the construction of roads. According to the Gurugram Master Plan 2031, there is provision for the development of new sectors between 58 and 115, including localities around Dwarka Expressway, and the developers are responsible for providing roads to their colonies. Senior officials of DTCP, Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran or HUDA, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) and Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) will soon come up with a policy which would prove beneficial for all. It would involve asking developers to buy land adjacent to their projects for the roads and in return, the DTCP would allow an increase in FAR under transferable development rights. The new scheme will be executed in phases wherein two or three sectors will be shortlisted for each phase.

Lack of access roads irks residents

Non-availability of suitable land has led builders to leave their housing societies without proper roads. There is around 500 acres of land which is still to be acquired for development of road network. Lack of access roads, which are usually pathways adjoining a property to allow vehicular access, has caused inconvenience for many residents of Gurgaon. The residents, some of whom have recently shifted, have been unable to enter their properties from the main road and the problem exists in as many as 200 housing societies occupied by over 1.5 lakh residents.

The problem does not end there. Due to absence of such a basic infrastructure as an approach road, the consequences could also be seen in the form of underdeveloped sewage and drainage systems, thus giving rise to other civic issues.

Therefore, the new scheme proposed by the DTCP would create a win-win situation especially helping the homeowners who would not have to traverse rough paths to reach their dwellings.

Last Updated: Thu Sep 13 2018

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