All You Need To Know About Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani

All You Need To Know About Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani

All You Need To Know About Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani

Xrbia Aashiyana City in Vangani, Badlapur is an upcoming affordable housing project offering 1/2BHK at a starting price of Rs 5 lakh. The project is scheduled for delivery in March 2024. 

  • What is the price of 1/2BHK flat in Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani 

Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani is an affordable  housing project offering flats Rs 5 lakh onwards. A 1BHK flat is priced between Rs 5.52-11.73 lakh while a 2BHK is available for Rs 11.5 lakh onwards and can range up to Rs 14 lakh.

  • What is the down payment amount for Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani

Usually the down payment to be made at the time of booking is 20 per cent of the final price. If you are opting for construction linked plan, the booking amount may vary accordingly. 

  • Where to find Xrbia Aashiyana City pricelist 





227 sq ft (1RK+1T)

Rs 5.52 Lakh


326 sq ft (1BHK+1T)

Rs 8.68 Lakh


353 sq ft (1BHK+1T)

Rs 9.88 Lakh


372 sq ft (1BHK+1T)

Rs 9.39 Lakh


392 sq ft (1BHK+1T)

Rs 9.89 Lakh


465 sq ft (1BHK+1T)

Rs 11.73 Lakh


434 sq ft (2BHK+2T)

Rs 11.50 Lakh


515 sq ft (2BHK+2T)

Rs 14.16 Lakh

Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani has received mixed reviews from the buyers. The customer support team is not very active while serving client’s queries. The construction is going on in full swing and buyers can check the construction update on the official website. 

  • What is the possession date of Xrbia Vangani project?

Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani will offer possession in phases. Right now, according to Maharashtra RERA portal, all of these phases are proposed to get delivered by March 2024. 

  • Where is Xrbia Vangani project located?

Xrbia Vangani is located in Vangani in Aarde Village. Buyers can reach the site of Xrbia Aashiyana City through this address-  Aarde Village Rd, Khadyachapada, Maharashtra 410101. The nearest railway station is Badlapur, located 16km away from the project. You can find more information about the project here

  • What is the RERA-Id of Xrbia Vangani projects?

Xrbia Vangani is being developed in phases. Each phase is registered as a separate project. Hence, each phase has a unique ID.

Xrbia Aashiyana Phase


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


  • What is the floor plan of Xrbia Aashiyana City Vangani

Xrbia Vangani has 1/2BHK apartment of varied sizes. A 1BHK here is available in size range of 227-465 sq ft. A 2BHK is available in size range 434-515 sq ft.

xrbia-north-hinjewadi-developers-private-limited-aashiyana-city-1bhk-1t-465-sq-ft-22337224Floor plan of 1BHKaashiyana-city-floor-plan-floor-plan-10497870

Floor plan of 2BHK


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Last Updated: Tue Sep 11 2018

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