All You Need To Know About The 42 Chowringhee Kolkata

All You Need To Know About The 42 Chowringhee Kolkata

All You Need To Know About The 42 Chowringhee Kolkata

The 42 Chowringhee Kolkata will soon become the tallest residential tower in the city of joy, Kolkata. With 56 ultra-luxurious flats on offering, there are multi-faceted amenities and facilities available, promising unmatched luxury to the owners at a snobbish price tag of Rs 17 crore and onwards. 

  • What is the price of flats in The 42?

Mani The 42 is an ultra-luxury project in Kolkata’s Elgin. The properties are priced here Rs 17 crore onwards that accounts to Rs 20,000-22,000 per sq ft. There are only few properties left on this price and maximum of the units if left available are in resale and are priced according to the market demand. The property prices in Elgin locality stands at Rs 13,735 sq ft on an average.

  • What is the height of The 42 tower?

The 42 will be the tallest building in Kolkata. Its height will be 240 meters and will have 60 floors, almost twice the height of the South City towers (36 floors). The 42 project will be equivalent to Mumbai’s tallest buildings Imperial towers 1&2, which are 61 floors each.

  • How many floors are there in The 42 Kolkata project?

There are 60 floors in The 42 Kolkata tower and have 56 flats on offer. While all the flats will be of standard size, there will be a triplex on top floors. The ground floor lobby will be 13 metres high, equivalent to the height of a standard three-storey building. It will have 425 slots of car park for 56 flats which means each flat owner will be having seven parking.

  • Who are the owners of The 42 Kolkata project?

The 42 project in Chowringhee, Kolkata is being built by a four-member consortium- Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva, Alcove Realty and Diamond Group. Hafeez Contractor is working as an consultant on this project which is scheduled for delivery in December 2018.

  • What is RERA-Id of The 42 Kolkata?

Since West Bengal has not notified the rules yet, the project registrations haven’t started. There is no RERA-Id available for The 42 project.

  • What is the construction status of The 42 Kolkata project?

The construction updates are available on the official website of The 42 Chowringhee, Kolkata. Till April 2018, the external structure was ready. The service work was in progress such as erection of HVAC ducts, installation of firefighting pipes and false ceiling installation.

  • What is the floor plan of The 42 Kolkata project?

There are 4/5/6 BHK apartments in Kolkata’s The 42 Project which is also the tallest building in the city. A 4BHK apartment in The 42 will have 4 bedroom, hall, kitchen and four toilets in 7780 sq ft. A 5BHK apartment here will have 5 bedroom, hall, kitchen and five toilets in 7815 sq ft and a 6BHK apartment will have 6 bedroom, hall, kitchen and five toilets in 7815 sq ft.

4bhk fp

Floor plan of 4BHK

5bhk fp

Floor plan of 5BHK

6bhk fp

Floor plan of 6BHK


Location plan of The 42


Know all about the 42 Chowringhee Kolkata

Last Updated: Tue Sep 11 2018

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