Administration Asks Noida Buyers To Check For Anti-Mosquito Mechanism In Projects

Administration Asks Noida Buyers To Check For Anti-Mosquito Mechanism In Projects

Administration Asks Noida Buyers To Check For Anti-Mosquito Mechanism In Projects

When one thinks of affordable property in the national capital region, one invariably thinks of Noida.  This information technology hub’s success, in fact, has largely depended on its real estate. However, Noida has constantly also been in news because of the many ailments its real estate faces.

This is the city which is home to a large number of housing projects that have failed to meet several completion deadlines. This affordable property hub is also the city where roads are bad, traffic conditions are insane, sanitation system is in tatters.

At a time when only bad pieces of news about Noida real estate are making headlines, the city authority has set another deadline. On the occasion of its Foundation Day on April 17, the Noida Authority set a three-month deadline for itself to resolve land compensation issues. Farmers, on whose land the city has been developed, have been protesting the “dirt cheap” money they have got as compensation. The Noida Authority has also vowed to resolve homebuyers’ issues with greater accountability and transparency.

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“We have made efforts to resolve farmers’ issues pertaining to land compensation, abadi settlement, and hiked compensation in the past. We believe that the farmers should get the land compensation that they are entitled to as per the law. We have done a good job by distributing hiked land compensation to around 90 per cent of the farmers. Our aim is to distribute compensation to the remaining farmers at the earliest,” Noida Authority Chief Alok Tandon was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying on April 17.

“We also want to solve issues faced by homebuyers on priority,” Tandon added.

In the meantime, homebuyers and tenants in the city are advised to make sure they do not live in units that are mosquito infected.

The district magistrate recently issued an advisory to property buyers, saying they should not take possession of units unless the project is certified to be following the Uttar Pradesh Vector-Borne Disease rules. Under the UP Prevention and Control of Malaria, Dengue and Any Vector Borne Disease regulation 2016, buyers should not accept possession of units without ensuring the project has received a certificate for having in place an anti-mosquito mechanism.

Also, those who are providing mosquitos a breeding ground by blocking drain water will be served notices.

“Notices will be sent to those who fail to ensure smooth flow of water in the drains or if the water is found accumulating anywhere in the premises,” the district administration said in a statement.

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