29 Noida Builders Get Notices Over Lift Malfunctioning

29 Noida Builders Get Notices Over Lift Malfunctioning

29 Noida Builders Get Notices Over Lift Malfunctioning

Who would get imaginative enough to live in a highrise if they did not know there are lifts in the building to take them up and down, whenever the need be? If skyscrapers became a reality worldwide, it would only be fair to attribute lifts as their foundation. Failure of lifts is akin to failure of tall buildings as a living option, something those living in highrises of Noida often face.

In August, a 65-year-old Greater Noida resident had to wait overnight in the security guards’ room because the lift in the building malfunctioned and could not be repaired till morning.

In 2016, an FIR was lodged against Amrapali Group and KONE Elevators after a 78-year-old man got stuck in a lift of Amrapali Sapphire Society.  

The increasing number of such incidents has led to the Noida Authority sending notices to 29 builders based on recurring complaints by residents about faulty elevators.

Among the developers who received a notice from the authority on September 11 and have been given time to respond within a week are popular names such as Jaypee, Mahagun and Supertech. This is the first time the authority has taken such a step.

While there is no specific law that deals with lifts in highrises, developers are liable to provide lifts in tall constructions while apartment owners associations are responsible for maintaining them under the provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Apartments Act, 2010.

“In the absence of accountability, regulation or set guidelines related to lift maintenance, problems related to malfunctioning have been on the rise in multi-storey buildings across the city,” Noida Authority Officer on Special Duty Santosh Kumar was quoted in The Times of India as saying.

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Last Updated: Fri Sep 14 2018

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