Your Guide To An Engaging Listing

Your Guide To An Engaging Listing

Your Guide To An Engaging Listing

When you plan to sell your property, the first step, in today's digital world, is to put up a listing on different online platforms.

 The key to grab a buyer's attention from among the thousand listings narrows down to two important things -- a well-written listing and the use right keywords.

MakaaniQ gives you tips for writing a listing so that you grab the maximum eyeballs: 

Be precise

When you start to write a listing, jot down the key points you would want to highlight about your property. Highlight the location, neighbourhood, construction material used, type of kitchen, the number of rooms and even garden or terrace. These highlights would instantly act as the keywords. For instance, a buyer looking for a property in a particular location would be able to find your listing if you mention the name of your locality, or if someone looking for a particular kind of flooring could find your listing on top if you mention the same, and so on.

Be clear

Do not be too discreet about the information of your property, especially the address, number of rooms and even if it is a standalone property, or an apartment in a housing society. No buyer would want to run through the complete listing to find out the answers to these questions. Put them in the very beginning.

Proper grammar

It may not mean a lot initially, but this is the prerequisite of a listing. A listing that is spell-checked and has a proper grammar, will not only attract a buyer but will also be topping the search. What if you misspell the word flooring? Well, Google won't be able to find that word in your listing.

Attract with words

Words that attract the attention of a buyer are important to use in the listing. For instance, make sure you mention whether the property is ready-to-move-in, ready for possession, under-construction and when will it be up for possession. Do not forget to mention the floor on which the property is located. Also, talk about the latest improvements made to the property. So, if you have recently upgraded your kitchen into a modular one, mention it. Added new shower or sanitaryware to your bathroom, mention it. Gave property some new woodwork, talk about it. This would attract the right buyers as such information acts as a filter.

Highlight spots

Every home has its USP, a selling point. Highlight it! For instances, many home buyers seek special parking space, or a garden, or a terrace or roof rights and even a Vastu-complaint home. Highlight such unique points in the initial lines or even headline of your listing.

Don't forget the neighbourhood

In the listing do mention the specialty of the neighbourhood in which the property is listed. The nearby localities, or any renowned building, monument, market or Metro stations. Mention the distance from such landmarks to give a fair idea to a buyer who is looking for a property based on the location and its distance from such landmarks. These landmarks will also act as keywords which buyers would use when searching for a property.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 03 2016

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