Your 1BHK Will Cost You Much More Than You Thought  

Your 1BHK Will Cost You Much More Than You Thought  

Your 1BHK Will Cost You Much More Than You Thought  
Regulatory lapses on part of your developer could land you in major trouble. This is precisely why home buying has become a complicated, lengthy and tiresome employment. (Pixabay)

When you compared the various merits and demerits of having a house close to the city and of those in suburbs, you arrived at the conclusion that investing in the former would be far more beneficial. So what if you have to pay a much bigger price for a much smaller unit? The price of a 1BHK resale home at the city centre is close to the price of a brand-new 3BHK in suburbs. So what if the unit is over 20 years old? Your job is in the city, and you do not want to spend a precious part of your life driving on traffic-ridden roads. You are ready to make a compromise. 

And then, there were other considerations, too.

Typically, suburbs are in various stages of development and do not offer you ready connectivity. You rely on your car to meet all your mobility needs. If you switch your jobs and your office is in a different direction altogether, travelling the long distance would just become impossible. In a way, having a house in suburbs would also become a crucial factor in your career growth.  And you can never imagine the social infrastructure of a budding centre to be on a par with that in the city. In short, a city centre offers you the best of everything, served on a platter and most of us settle for suburbs only for the fact that they alone offer affordable housing.

However, in giving the homes close to the city centre our best ratings we often overlook one thing. All its benefits notwithstanding, a small unit would, in all likelihood, offer you no room for privacy. It would become almost impossible to have a one-on-one conversation with other family members. You speak in your bedroom room and your voice will be heard all over the place. And if you are not careful enough, the neighbours might get to hear you, too. The possible of such occurrences in a bigger unit are much less. But then, who thought of all that when one was busy evaluating the many benefits of urban life this small home would readily serve? It is only after the passage of the time that you realise your privacy is far more important to you than the value you attached to it. Hence, do factor in that you have to compromise on your privacy when you go for small units. At the end of the day, you should go with what matters to you the most.

Last Updated: Tue Feb 07 2017

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