Why You Must Try Virtual Staging Right Now

Why You Must Try Virtual Staging Right Now

Why You Must Try Virtual Staging Right Now

We have talked about how to stage your property when a potential homebuyer makes a visit. But, with the virtual world taking a lead, many home sellers now look for homebuyers online and even strike deals without organising any physical property visits. For those going the online way, there is an interesting way of staging a property making the process faster. This formula also saves you the money you would have spent otherwise on the actual property to make it look sale- worthy. It is called virtual staging.

MakaaniQ gives you a lowdown on what virtual staging:

What is virtual staging

Virtual staging is a technology that lets you stage a property that you are selling through online platforms. It is a process that is helpful for both home sellers as well as buyers. For instance, you clicked a picture of the empty living room of the property. Now, using virtual staging tools, you could add furniture and other décor accessories to let the buyer visualise the room the way it would look when decorated.

As a seller, a well-staged room would always fetch you better results than an empty room while for a buyer it would be much easier to visualise and make them feel more connected to the property. Moreover, for homeowners who have been reluctant to list their property for sale due to their inability to renovate it and make it sale worthy, virtual staging can be a trigger to bring the property on market and find potential buyers willing to pay the right price.

It was during the Great Recession in 2008-2010 when virtual staging is known to have emerged. It was then that homeowners as well as banks used this technology to make their otherwise dull properties to look presentable and sell fast.

What can you do?

  • To achieve the best of virtual staging for your home, there are online tools that let you give your home a virtual makeover.
  • You need to have high-resolution pictures of the areas you would want to stage.
  • Ensure that while you are staging, follow a theme of décor and design to maintain consistency.
  • Using a virtual stager, you could try different décor ideas that you think look presentable.
  • It allows the home seller to demarcate each room for the purpose it can be used for. For instance, in a home with multiple rooms, you could showcase the children's room, the home office, the living room, the master bedroom and the guest room.
  • You could also stage the view from the windows, during the day and the night.
  • If you are property is staged already in pictures, you could replace or remove things that you think might put off potential buyers or put your privacy at stake. This could include family photographs, dirty corners, dustbins, over-the-top upholstery, etc.
  • When using the pictures, do mention in the listing that the room might not look the same as it does in the images and that it is a staged look.

Mind it

Only genuine people succeed in materializing purchase deals quicker. This is why as a seller do not go overboard with virtual staging — show only what you have got present a genuine picture of the possibilities that a buyer can explore.

Last Updated: Wed Aug 08 2018

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