Why Mapping Homebuyer's Journey Important To Scale Up Your Brokerage Business

Why Mapping Homebuyer's Journey Important To Scale Up Your Brokerage Business

Why Mapping Homebuyer's Journey Important To Scale Up Your Brokerage Business

Planning to scale up your property brokerage business? The first question you ask yourself is how to go about it.

Largely, brokers factor in parameters, including investment, finance, cash flows, hiring, training, marketing and sales when it comes to scaling up the business. There is one aspect they miss on and that is the clients. The core of the business, a broker, before making any decisions related to finance, human capital, marketing and sales, should rather understand their client's journey. If a broker gets this right, the other aspects will fall in place. 

Are you up to know how you can achieve this? MakaaniQ shares with you an actionable plan.


To begin with, you should know where your clients are coming from? Design a small survey and ask your existing clients and even leads to fill in the survey. In the survey, ask these questions: 

  • How they came to know about you?
  • What actions did they take to reach you?
  • What kind of queries they had in mind?
  • What stopped them from hiring you?

The answers from the clients will help you find areas that you need to work on to get more leads and enhance awareness about your business.


In a fast-paced business environment, we tend to forget how we acquire new clients. It is good to go back and ask these questions:

  • How did clients hire you? Did they follow any specific call-to-action?
  • What was the main driver for them to engage you?
  • What are your key differentiators that give you an edge over your competitors?
  • Why didn't certain clients hire you? What were the common reasons?

If you find out answers to the above questions, you will be able to refine your client acquisition strategy for more conversions.


Getting a referral from a client is a testimony to your success, in terms of client satisfaction. An unsatisfied client will never give you a referral after all. In order to analyze this aspect, you should factor in the following factors:

  • Why did they refer you to someone?
  • What was the main consideration?
  • Why some particular clients won't give you a referral?

A deep dive into all the above questions will give you an invaluable insight on what all you need to fix and improvise further in order to scale up your property brokerage business.

All large and successful businesses thrive because they understand the value of their client's journey with them. It is something that sets them apart in the market. Will you be among one of them?  

Last Updated: Thu Oct 26 2017

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