Why Is CTS Number Of Property So Important?

Why Is CTS Number Of Property So Important?

Why Is CTS Number Of Property So Important?
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Of the many details associated with any property or land parcel, the CTS number is a crucial figure. For property owners, buyers or sellers in Mumbai, the CTS number, also called the City Title Survey Number, needs to be obtained. It is a vital numerical identity for any property during the property registration process as well as payment of Stamp Duty.

MakaanIQ tells you everything you need to know about the CTS number for property in Mumbai:


Why do you need the CTS number?

The CTS number, referred as the Chain and Triangulation Survey Number in Mumbai suburban area or Cadastral Survey Number in Mumbai division, is an identification number allotted to land plots. When purchasing an immovable property in any rural or urban area in the city, a thorough inspection of the land ownership details, including the CTS number, is a must to avoid any problem or fraudulent transaction in the future. These details are often sought by local authorities, property developers, financial institutions or banks and even during any litigation pertaining to the property.

  • The CTS number is required during property registration and needs to be mentioned as a reference in various applications and seeking details of the property card.
  • With CTS number, you can easily secure building approvals and permission to undertake repairs and modifications in the property.
  • The amount of Stamp Duty to be paid is determined by the CTS number.
  • The CTS number can prove to be useful in tracking unauthorised constructions as the number can be sought to check if relevant approvals had been obtained for the construction.


How to obtain the CTS number?

The CTS number finds its mention in the property card. A comprehensive record of the land ownership, the property card also provides the CTS number along with ancestral land ownership data, plot number, area of the land in square metres, as well as Encumbrances and Mutations. In Maharashtra, the property card can be procured from the City Survey Offices (CTSO) in the city. There are ten offices for the three talukas of Andheri, Borivali and Kurla, covering the 86 villages of the Mumbai Suburban district. They are located at Mulund, Ghatkopar, Chembur, Kurla, Andheri, Bandra, Vile-Parle, Borivali, Goregaon and Malad.

It can be procured online at the official Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website at https://mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in/. The Maharashtra government has promoted the digitization of property cards to reduce the hassles of applicants as well as help banks or financial institutions and property buyers easily secure the details of encumbrance’s title and ownership.

For more details: http://mumbaisuburban.gov.in/html/land_records_mar.htm

All the CTSOs come under the jurisdiction of The Superintendent of Land Records which is the controlling authority and the Taluka Inspector of Land Records. “The City Survey of Mumbai Suburban District has been carried out during the period 1963-67. The City Survey Record is prepared for all the villages in Mumbai Suburban District. The City Survey record for each individual parcel of land has been created and given a particular number which is known as City Survey number. A property card for each City Survey number is also prepared.” As mentioned in the official website of the Mumbai Suburban District.

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