Why Brokers Should Always Remain Neutral

Why Brokers Should Always Remain Neutral

Why Brokers Should Always Remain Neutral

Why do people hire a property broker? That's a strong question and the answer clarifies a lot. People look for brokers to assist them in their property-buying journey. They need someone who could understand their requirements and aspirations and get them a range of relevant options.

They also expect that their property broker would put forth their interests first while dealing with the seller or the developer. In short, they want a professional to represent them.

Property brokers who understand these aspects follow certain rules that are unsaid. They resist from influencing their clients from their personal opinions.

Here's why property brokers need to be neutral in their approach:

Brokers see the process through their clients' eyes

When someone decides to buy a house, they already have a specified set of requirements. For instance, a homebuyer may have made up his mind to buy a ground-floor property in a multi-storey apartment building. You may not like this idea as you think that such properties are full of issues that impact the owner's lifestyle and result in high-maintenance costs.

What will you do? Will you go and tell your client how wrong they are? To some extent, it is okay to share your experience, but, if you feel that the client wants to stick to this condition, you should step back and put all your efforts in meeting the condition. The client might be having a strong reason, which he may or may not share with you.

Also, it makes a difference how you express your opinion. There are brokers who ridicule their client's choices or sound sarcastic. Some may even make their client look dumb before their family or the seller.

The same goes with budgets. Property brokers tend to push their clients to up their budget. “You won't get a good property in this budget”, “Gone are the days one used to get a 2BHK property at Rs 40 lakh in Noida”. Such statements offend clients.

This surely makes your client hate you, and, of course, they will not continue with you.

How to be neutral?   

Property brokers are humans and humans have viewpoints. However, as a professional, you have to be neutral.

Your job is to explain all the pros and cons of buying a property, and then let the client decide. Are you wondering how it is different from not expressing opinions? It is.

When you explain the pros and cons one-by-one, you rule out the risk of pointing out specific choices your client may have told you. When you talk in general, the client won't mind taking your words and the conversation can turn out to be positive.

As a thumb rule, remember that your job is to provide information and not opinions. Follow this rule and you will realise how quickly your conversion rates improve.

Last Updated: Mon Dec 04 2017

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