Which Orientation Is Better For Your Home?

Which Orientation Is Better For Your Home?

Which Orientation Is Better For Your Home?

Buying a home or constructing one is an important landmark in one's life. From zeroing-in on the developer to furnishing your home- for a home buyer every step in the journey is one which requires close attention to detail. There are many potential home buyers who insist on specific directions when looking for a home. Some want a north-facing or a south-facing house while others insist on a specific shape of the living room. MakaanIQ tells you what makes these details important, and what one should keep in mind while buying a home.

Importance of directions

According to Vastu, directions have an important role to play and it must be kept in mind while buying a home. Although each direction has its own importance, homes with south-west corner are the best if you want to bring harmony and positive energy in your home. There are lesser chances of fighting, quarrelling and financial crises, etc. Other than this, if possible, build the southern portion of your home a little bigger than the northern one to get the maximum positive energy from the southern side.

Other than this, since north has the maximum magnetic control, the main gate should face either north or east direction to attract people to your house which can bring health, wealth and happiness in your abode. For seating arrangements and welcoming your guest, keep your furniture in the way that people should face south or the west, as it leads conversation into a positive direction.

According to energy-efficiency architecture, there is more to direction than the flow of positive and negative energy. A south-facing home is always a better option in India according to the climate. This is because south façade receives more solar heat in winters and comparatively less in summers than any other direction.

Other factors that are to be taken into consideration while getting your home constructed are:

  • Solar radiation and temperature: Since the intensity of radiations depends on the direction itself, the best orientation is the direction which receives more sun radiation in winter than in summer.
  • Rain control: Never build walls of lesser thickness in the direction of heavy rains. Design the glazing and opening keeping in mind the direction of rain or the building because usually the direction of the rain and the prevailing wind is the same.
  • Humidity control: Maintain air ventilation and natural lighting in the home. This is an imperative need to maintain a right level of humidity in the air.
  • Wind velocity: For maximum air and ventilation; build windows at the level of occupancy. Proper placement and location of the ventilator is a must for a perfect balance of fresh and natural lighting. 

Since every situation and site is different, it is not possible to suggest ideal or desirable orientation for sure solutions. Many other things must be factored in to find the best orientation and direction for a building which varies from case to case.

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