Which Direction Should Your Home Face, To Be Vastu Compliant?

Which Direction Should Your Home Face, To Be Vastu Compliant?

Which Direction Should Your Home Face, To Be Vastu Compliant?

Indian homebuyers’ faith in the ancient art and science of Vastu is more firm today than ever. This is precisely why majority of housing projects in India specify Vasu compliance as one of their many USPs. Such is the impact of this architectural study that buyers opt for making dramatic changes in their homes to make them more in line with rules laid under Vastu.

A great deal of debate happens about which direction a house should face for it to be vastu-wise. (Since there are four major directions and sub-directions in Vastu, these arguments might go on and on. The four directions are north, south, east and west while the sub-directions are north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.) Research data available with Makaan.com show that buyers looking for homes, have a preference for east-facing homes. Why is that?


Looking east

Search trends show that 60 per cent of buyers looking for property in Hyderabad, were looking for an east-facing property. For Bengaluru, the percentage stands at 52.16 per cent. For Chennai, it is 33 per cent. Nearly 38 per cent prospective buyers in the national capital region want the same. For Mumbai and Pune, it is 40 per cent and 46 per cent, respectively. Nearly 45 per cent buyers in Tier-II cities also prefer east-facing units.

Now, according to Vastu, east-facing properties are auspicious. Good health, wealth, progeny are said to abound in a property that faces east. Even those who do not follow Vastu much, are keen to buy a house that would bring them good luck. Given that the sun rises in the east direction, this light that it brings, is understood to be symbolic of welcoming light, goodness and positivity and augurs well for the household.

Tips for east-facing homes

  • Extending your property towards the east direction is considered auspicious.
  • The main door must be on the north-east or east. This welcomes positivity.
  • Stones or garbage piled up in the east direction may pave way for loss of property.
  • If water used in the house flows towards the east side, this will ensure good health for inhabitants.
  • Land elevated towards the east may not be good.


North-facing homes

Units facing the north did not garner much interest. Nationally, less than 15 per cent buyers said they did not mind investing in a north-facing unit. The north direction is dedicated to the God of Wealth, Kuber. So this should have been a top choice, right? However, the difficulty arises because for the north-facing homes to bring you wealth, the whole house has to be Vastu compliant.

Tips for north-facing homes

  • If the north-facing property is extended to the north-east side, it can bring greater luck.
  • A well-built north-facing property is meant to bring good health and leadership development of the women in the house.
  • If stone heaps, waste or blocks are present in the north, it may result in financial loss or even hamper the development of children in the house.
  • Don’t plant trees in the north side.
  • Apartments facing north may not be good but are usually common in cities today, owing to the lack of land bank.


South-facing homes

South-facing properties are the least favoured, with the national average of buyers willing to buy them standing at less than seven per cent. Only 40 per cent prospective buyers in Kolkata don’t seem to mind it. Those opting for south-facing properties often think over and over again to understand whether the property will mean harm to them. Experts in the field say that no property, wherever it faces, is harmful provided minor structural changes can be accommodated. A south-facing property can be good for you if you have followed certain conditions.

Tips for south-facing homes

  • South-facing homes should have more open space in the north and the east direction. Open spaces in the south can create disharmony.
  • It is wise to avoid slopes towards the south in such plots.
  • Roof slope could be towards the east or the north.
  • Rectangular or square-shaped plots could be a better idea.
  • If you have an extended south portion, you could negate its bad effects by fixing Vastu-compliant copper partition strips under the roof or ceilings.


Quick tip

Those who don’t mind Vastu-related defects can grab a property with such an imperfection at comparatively lower rates.  


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