What Should A Techie Look For In A House?

What Should A Techie Look For In A House?

What Should A Techie Look For In A House?

Rahul Sinha was only 24 when he booked a 2BHK apartment in Bengaluru's XYZ. His parents were of the view the former Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi graduate must prudently invest the handsome salary package he earns. They took charge, inspected their son's would-be home and gave their go ahead. A carefree young man, Rahul did not have any priorities about his future home; the idea of owning a home was good enough. After the griha pravesh, his parents left happy and satisfied. For Rahul, things did not turn to be as satisfactory as they should have been for a techie.

  • His building is not a Wi-Fi zone, a must for any techie. Rahul has to spend extra money every month to avail of the facility. His friend at office told him his building complex was a Wi-Fi zone. As an IT expert, Rahul often has to work from home, too, and needs an internet connectivity all the time.

Lesson: For a techie, it is a must to buy a house in a society that if Wi-Fi connected.

  • Rahul loves driving and did not consider the distance between his home and office will be an issue. However, the 25-km distance – which makes it a 50-km drive for him every day — started bothering him gradually. Traffic jams too started to become a pain point.

Lesson: Try to buy a home closer to the IT hubs of a city.

  • Rahul gets a mobile network connectivity only in certain areas of his 2BHK home. Call drops are frequent in his bedroom and living room. He has to rush towards the balcony every time an office call rings. This is a major issue because as a backend support for his company's IT operations, Rahul has to be available on call for the clients outside of the country 24x7.

Lesson: Do check that you get proper mobile network in every corner of the house.

  • Rahul's long working hours do not give him much time to maintain a kitchen, and he has to eat out often. However, there are no good eateries around the area. He has to either order in or run to the city to have food. The social infrastructure of the neighbouring areas is yet to develop fully. Also, the main city is his only option if he wants to buy new gadgets or get his old ones repaired or upgraded.

Lesson: Your priorities are different, more so if you are a bachelor. You do need a solid social infrastructure support to enjoy a life such as yours.

  • It has been months since Rahul paid the maintenance charges to his housing society. He has been receiving constant calls from people concerned over this. How he wishes all this was just a click away! Why can't he just transfer the money to some account rather than meeting the members of the housing society and paying them in person?

Lesson: You are a techie, and you like everything clicking fast. Making sure that such a system works in your housing society could save you a lot of time and trouble.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 15 2016

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