What Lies In North Hyderabad For Property Investors?

What Lies In North Hyderabad For Property Investors?

What Lies In North Hyderabad For Property Investors?

If you are searching for a good location to invest in emerging real estate destination of Hyderabad, the northern zone can be a good option for you. A vibrant base of professionals generates ample demand for properties, and as the prime locations are getting overheated and unavailable, most people are moving towards suburbs of Hyderabad. Not just for earning the rental income, even if it is for your end-use, investment in nearby areas can prove to be a profitable deal for you.

Speaking about the specific locations in the north zone, Kompally, Balanagar, Yapral and Sainikpuri are the most preferred locations for real estate investment. These are the locations, which are currently residential properties at throwaway prices, and have a potential to grow in the future.

Check out the below table and you will get a feel of what we are talking about.


Capital values (Rs psf)









Source: Makaan.com

You can find a variety of configurations and types of residential projects in these areas. A few good names you can rely upon include A2A Lifespaces, Janapriya Arcadia, GK Pride and Beema Pride. In terms of budget, you can find properties ranging from Rs 1,900 to Rs 4,000 per square foot (psf).

Among all the locations, Yapral offers the most affordable price ranges. There is a good level of 2BHK-3BHK apartments available at Rs 2,000-3,000 per square feet. That means, you can buy a spacious 1,500 sqft 3BHK apartment at Rs 30-40 lakh.

If you are searching for an independent house, Balanagar should grab your attention. The capital values in this locality are more or less similar to Yapral. However, this is a destination for those dreaming about their own 3-4BHK independent homes. These properties range between Rs 2,400 to Rs 2,800 psf.

Sainikpuri and Kompally are a step ahead in ahead in term of price brackets, and you have to shell out at least 15 per cent more than what you could invest at Yapral and Balanagar.

Most of the apartments at these locations are ready-to-move-in units.


Sainikpuri and Yapral are 18-20 km from the city centre. These localities are situated right near the National Highway-44 (NH44), which connects the locality with all the major parts of the city through arterial roads.

Balanagar is the nearest spot from the Hyderabad city as the distance between both the locations is 14 km. Kompally is situated 22 km from the Hyderabad city.

Being emerging locations, the physical and social infrastructure at the aforementioned locations is still developing. This is the reason why prices are hanging low, presenting an opportunity for investors and homebuyers.

All you need is to conduct a recce of all the locations and zero-in on the best fit for you. Buying a ready-to-move-in property is a no-risk move and given the potential of these locations, prices would move sooner than later. 

Last Updated: Mon Jul 02 2018

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