What is likely to give higher price appreciation?

What is likely to give higher price appreciation?

What is likely to give higher price appreciation?

Location always plays the most important role in giving better appreciation on an investment. Under the residential section, some people choose to invest in apartments while others prefer an investment in land/plot. Due to the high property rates and space crunch in most of the key real estate markets of India, most individuals invest in apartments. The apartments are usually more affordable and require less maintenance than the independent property.

Apart from the initial price differentiation, the future appreciation of the property really concerns a home buyer. Keeping that in mind, Makaan.com conducted a research asking the Indian home buyers as to what according to them is likely to give higher price appreciation: land/ plot investment or investment in apartment. Maximum number of home buyers said that investment in apartment gives higher price appreciation; 35% of the home buyers said that plot/land investment will give higher future appreciation.

The results give out a clear indication that most of the home buyers, maximum of whom were from the metro cities, are looking for investing in an apartment. For the benefit of the readers, in the following is table, Makaan.com demarcates the points that should be kept in mind for investing in a plot and an apartment.



Amenities like security, water system, power back up are included. They are already set up and take up a monthly maintenance cost. Property buyer needs to invest in terms of money and efforts to set up as well as maintain all the amenities.
Home loan is less challenging and is given out on the basis of verifying the entire project. Home loan is difficult as the price of the property, the area and construction norms are scrutinized by the lending institute.
Construction and completion of the project depends entirely on the builder. One opts for the type of construction and interiors that one wants in the home.
Selling an apartment is easier as majority of the people are looking for investing in them. Selling a land is comparatively difficult as the demand for independent homes is less.

Investing in a property is considered to be a milestone in terms of financial investments; therefore, do a proper market research and survey prior to finalizing anything. For more of such poll reports and to cast your vote in a poll, visit: Makaan IQ.

Last Updated: Thu Jun 20 2013

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