What Is An Ideal Township?

What Is An Ideal Township?

What Is An Ideal Township?

With growing number of nuclear families, the demand for independent bungalows is giving way to apartment complexes and township projects. Townships are especially popular among working couples, who have to leave their children alone at home while they are out for work. Township projects offer new-age home buyers all the facilities that they require to afford such a lifestyle. But, how would you define an ideal township or apartment project?

Here's your quick guide for you, as shared by Sangeeta Banerjee, chief executive officer and co-founder, Apartment Adda:

  • The fence height should be nothing less than seven foot, preferably with wires and spikes.
  • There should be minimum entry-exit gates in the security complex. The ideal case scenario is just one gate for the whole complex.
  • The visitor parking should be closest to the main gate. The vehicles should not be allowed deep in the complex. They should also not occupy parking slots meant for the residents.
  • The parking area should be well lit and there should be plenty of lighting near entry and exit gates.
  • CCTV cameras should be installed strategically to cover all common areas.
  • Outsiders and visitors entering the complex should record their identity details at the gate. An alert system should be installed to send a notification to the apartment where an outsider is visiting.
  • Only verified domestic help should have access to the complex.
  • All owners and tenant data should be managed centrally through a common dashboard.
  • Biometric devices can be installed at the entry-exit gates to mark the attendance of the domestic help.
  • Entry and exit gates should be manned with boom barriers during odd hours.

Since townships and complex projects promise unmatched security and lifestyle features, checking for amenities mentioned above is a must. For instance, if you are leaving your child with a nanny while you are off to work, an unexpected visitor at home should raise an alert. Similarly, if you have elderly at home who could need emergency help anytime, a panic button would help in making your daily routine stress-free.

As the demand for such features and installation is on rising, developers now days are focusing on providing extra features in their township projects to attract young-working couples. 

Last Updated: Tue Apr 25 2017

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