What is An Ideal Property Listing?

What is An Ideal Property Listing?

What is An Ideal Property Listing?

Gone are the days when people spent their weekends in making visits of real estate advisors to look for properties. Today's online portals make sure you do not have to go out as long as you have made up your mind to go for a site visit. Property listings are helping us all to buy and sell properties faster. However, as far as a seller is concerned, the job is not easy. There are scores of other people selling the same thing as you. How do you make your property listing more attractive? How do you ensure yours is not just another listing that prospective buyers skip?

Stick to the facts

Online channels make your life much easier than it would have been in their absence. But, never use this medium to exaggerate or undermine facts. A perfect listing might lead to many customers contacting you. But, the property will only be sold on its actual merit. While hiding facts may be a bad idea, the slightest of the exaggerations might leave a poor impression on the customer.

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Sum it up

A buyer does not want to jump page after page to find how many bathrooms and bedrooms are there in the property. He would prefer it much if all the vital information is provided at one spot. Apart from clearly mentioning the inside of the property, the listing should include information about parking spaces, green areas, etc. Let pictures of the property to lead him on from here.

Let it click

A picture is worth a thousand words. So while being specific about writing what all the property has got, be no miser when it comes to posting pictures of the property. While doing so, be mindful of the fact that blank spaces might leave buyers wondering. Use the home staging tool to present before buyers the possibilities that await him.

Say you are different

Every property is unique. Yours might be a sea-facing property, and that is its highlight point. Yours might be a property which is close to a national highway. Let your listing clearly state that. Yours might be a property where the sunlight comes in plenty. This too is an important point you could highlight. There are so many ways you could impress upon prospective buyers how unique your property is.

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Foretell the future

There are so many things you could have done with your property if you could manage the finances. That would have added to the value of the property manifold. A prospective buyer does not know that. You have a big terrace where a one-room set could be built and given on rent. This space could also be used to build a terrace garden. If you neatly state the future possibilities, the chances of your property fetching a better price are also high.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 06 2017

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