What Is A Neighbourhood?

What Is A Neighbourhood?

What Is A Neighbourhood?

Going through a listing or reading about buying a new home, you will always be told about how good the neighbourhood is, how well-developed it is and how well-suited it is based on your needs. But, what is that comprises a neighbourhood? Is it the physical boundaries, the infrastructure, the amenities or the locality as a whole?

MakaaniQ decodes what a neighbourhood is and how its definition keeps on changing:

It has physical boundaries

To begin with, a neighbourhood is defined by physical boundaries. For instance, a particular neighbourhood is spread in a certain area, and then starts the other neighbourhood. It is also defined by the presence of Metro station, bus station, community centre, river, and others. These physical boundaries also help you define the distance between your neighbourhood and your workplace and other places of leisure. These are some of the physical aspects that define a neighbourhood. And, the presence or absence of these defines whether or not a homebuyer invests in a particular neighbourhood.

It is the community

Neighbourhood is not just physical boundaries, it also defined by the people that live around you. It is equally important to understand the people that live near you are the people you will be mingling with for years to come. These will be the people that will come to your rescue and will help you in case of emergency. These are your first point of contact.

It has infrastructure

"Neighbourhood in X locality has a well-developed infrastructure." Read this a lot? This means that the neighbourhood has good roads, is well-connected to other localities and key areas of the city, which makes the physical infrastructure. On the other hand, it needs to have a well-developed social infrastructure, too. This includes reputed schools, medical services, ATMs, retail stores to fulfill daily needs, parks and proximity to leisure zones. All these in place, make of a well-developed neighbourhood.

It is the architecture

Neighbourhoods in many countries are also defined by the architecture of that particular area. The houses would look similar, the architecture will be uniform and are equipped with amenities that are up to date. While uniformity gives the neighbours a feeling of oneness, the amenities ensure that one can invest in the locality for good. 

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