What Defines A Real Estate Advisor

What Defines A Real Estate Advisor

What Defines A Real Estate Advisor
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Buying homes in India has been largely dependent on the opinion of our family and friends who have invested in real estate. However, with changing times and people looking at making a smart decision by judging all the pros and cons, a number of professional advisories have come up to give personalised consultancy.

These advisories point out markets and opportunities of the future based on their research, studies. The key to making a successful investment in this case depends largely on the choice of the real estate advisor.

Here are a few points to be considered while choosing the right real estate advisor or consultant.  

Track record

Advisors tend to boast of their successful investments in the process of acquiring a client. Make sure that you do your research about the advisor, too. Study the failures or bad investments, which came from the advisory, and make a decision. Enquire about the employees of the organisation and their individual track record before choosing the advisory.

Stock markets and investors

Many stock brokerages have real estate advisories as branches or divisions. Chances of such advisors sticking to high-risk elements are high. Ensure that you communicate your need for a safe and long-term investment.

Debt servicing

Real estate advisories also offer other services, apart from helping you find the right investment. These include debt arrangement and insurance, etc. While these services indicate that the advisor can offer end-to-end services, check if they are pushing only select banks or specific products. If they do so, they might have vested interests and might not be a good real estate advisor.

Areas of coverage

Major real estate advisories stick to prominent markets. So, if you are looking to invest in cities beyond metros, choose an advisor who has the knowledge and experience in the city you would want to invest. 

No binds with developers

The most important aspect to keep in mind while choosing property advisors is their neutrality. Ensure that the advisor is not trying to push certain products because it has a tie up with certain developers. 

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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