Ways to sell your home faster

Ways to sell your home faster

Ways to sell your home faster

While buying a new home, and shifting to a new place is a tedious task; Selling your home can be even more taxing. This becomes even more challenging if you want to sell your home during the real estate slump. Mr. Rajiv Menon tried to sell his home in Delhi in Vasant Kunj area but he found it extremely difficult to find a suitable buyer as the Delhi property market is currently witnessing a slump. Why was he facing such challenges? What could he do to sell his home faster?

MakaanIQ brings in some tips that will help you to sell your home faster.

Attract more buyers:
First impression is the last impression. People can choose to buy or not to buy a home after taking a look at the property. People looking to sell their property can renovate their homes to attract buyers. The renovations that can be brought about in the house are painting the walls, changing the flooring, adding new fixtures to bathrooms, changing the cabinets in kitchen, modernizing the heating and air conditioning systems, constructing an additional room, and much more. The idea of increasing home value through proper renovation techniques is very important in the present time of inflation and soaring property prices.

Pay a little extra to stand out:
If people are willing to pay a little extra, their properties can stand out among others. Most of the online real estate sites offer premium listing to their users. Premium listing allows people to come on top of the search page list in a particular area. The listing also guarantees more responses as being on top of search list assures more reach and engagement of customers.

Know your property Value:
Individuals can track property prices online as well as offline. People can contact real estate brokers to know about the realty trends or they can visit online real estate sites like Makaan.com. On most of the online real estate websites one can see price trends of a particular property area. People can also enter online discussion forums to get insights on the ongoing property rates in their region or area.

Keep Documents Handy:
Selling a property is no easy task and people are bound to make mistake while selling their homes so it is important that one should keep in mind a few things. While selling a house one should do a background check of the buyer. All the paperwork related to selling and handing over of the property should be kept handy. Correct paperwork will help to solve any issue, and it will ensure that a deal closes faster. Apart from the sale documents, one should also keep proof of all the prior purchases, property tax receipts and any major installments done in the house. Both parties should also agree on the payment methods.

Complete Repairs:
Apart from making a home look inviting from the face of it, make sure that all the repairs are completed. The minor repairs like fixing the leaking faucets, broken windows, damaged stairs and chipped off plasters can have a very positive impact on the value of the home. If the home does not have a good appearance then the prospective buyers might get disappointed and lose interest in the home. Make your home stand out so that the competition in the market decreases.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 14 2015

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